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Iceland 2014: Part 3

My apologies if you have seen this particular post before... I don't know how but I've accidentally deleted this post and so, this is me re-writing it from scratch! *suck thumb* Yah. That is why I am so reluctant to continue blogging due to busy work schedule. :P

Day 4, Breakfast at Guesthouse Solheimahjaleiga
Starting our day with the usual, simple breakfast. There's practically nobody. Hence, all good food goes into our tummy! :)

First Location, Laki Laki/Lakagígar
A volcanic fissure in the south of Iceland. It erupted over an eight-month period between 1783 and 1784.
Guys... Brace yourselves~ Apparently, this was the only "good" group photo we could get.
Waterfall defying gravity due to the absurd wind and...
Lambs slowly strolling inland to find shelter that day.

Second Location, Svínafellsjökull
If the weather wasn't so nasty and the cliffs weren't slippery, we would hike in to get a closer look at the amazing glacier.
Fishmongers back in action
Lunch at a random cafeteria
You will start to appreciate hot soup in Iceland...
And of course, Beer.

Third Location, Fjallsárlón
A glacier lake at the South End of the Icelandic glacier Vatnajökull.
Hey~ Just casually strolling along glacier shore
My bro was a really useful 'wind-shield'. *wink*
Everybody was Kungfu Fighting~ HA!
Is planking still in trend?

Fourth Location, Glacier Lagoon (Jökulsárlón)
Bad news. We didn't have the chance to do the Glacier Lagoon boat tour due to the terrible weather condition. The wind was so strong that the glaciers were swirling around in the lake. Therefore, it wasn't safe. :(
BUT it's okay. WE WILL COME BACK AGAIN... ONE DAY... ...
Anyway, Jökulsárlón is a large glacial lake in southeast Iceland, on the edge of Vatnajökull National Park.
Doesn't the bridge reminds you of the one in San Francisco?
Pfft~ Trying not to lose balance when they land
Protecting my cat ears from leaving my big head~
Another artistic shot?
You guess wrong~ He was trying to capture the 'I-have-licked-an-iceberg' moment for Ed.
Fifth Location, Black Sand Beach
This beach is just a short distance away from Jökulsárlón Lagoon. What's so special about it besides the black sand you ask?
Lemme tell ya. You can see chunks of glacial icebergs laying by the shore! You can even TOUCH them but unlucky us... We were all too busy fighting against the wind and black sand 'hurricane'.
Sorry Ed but this picture will help prove my point here~ :P Okay. Black sand + Strong wind = BAD COMBO. It's effing painful when the black sand hit against your face so please, cover up!
My beanie did fly away in the end but no worries, Ed saved it. Haha! Nearly left a souvenir at the beach~

Accommodation for thie night, Guesthouse Gerdi
This guesthouse must be new since they were still furnishing the place when we checked in!
Joke of the day: Our shoes were all filled with black sand so, in order to clean them up, Ed borrowed the guesthouse's vacuum cleaner. :x
Delicious dinner once again~
We were surprise when they told us that they do serve desserts!

Ending our day with second serving of dessert~

Day 5, Somewhere Along the Way
2 Rare 'Pokemons' appeared! REINDEERS!!!!
Didn't have time to switch to zoom in lens so... yeah... this will do.
This lamb's fur was so long that its dragging on the ground! If I had a pair of scissors with me, I might just get myself some free wool.

First Location, Lookout Point near Almannaskarð Pass
A camera worthy photo stop in the south-east of Iceland.
Amazing isn't it?
Can you hear the waves crashing against the rocks?

Second Location, Djúpivogur
A small fishing town located on the fjord Berufjörður in eastern Iceland.
Happy Candid Shot of my mum
Okay, this is a habit of me and bro. We love having ice cream in cold countries! It's just, DIFFERENT.
Unglam hairstyle of the year
Well, at least I still got some swag~

Third Location, Foss
Our guide told us that this is called "Foss". Just "Foss", which means waterfall. Haha!!
Only Ed dared to venture further down the cliff. The rest of us? Panorama from the top will do! :)
Such an unique formation! Love how you could see the layers of the mountain.
A compulsory group shot

Lunchtime at a Random Station
Freshly kneaded Pizza
And Salmon Burger I think?

Fourth Location, Dettifoss
Dettifoss is a waterfall in Vatnajökull National Park in Northeast Iceland and it is reputed to be the most powerful waterfall in Europe.
Can you spot double rainbows?
Remember to bring your waterproof jacket along. You will definitely get wet here and be mindful of your steps.
Toilet break before heading to the next destination.
This is what I call a toilet-out-of-nowhere.

Fifth Location, Hverarondor Hverir
A geothermal area at the foothill of Namafjall.
Once you step out of your car, you will be engulfed by the strong smell of sulphur...
Trust me, Sulphur Hadouken will make you faint instantly. Imagine smelling rotten eggs and farts...
You would find a number of boiling fumaroles, mud pools and mud pots right here. An intriguing sight really.
Are we still on Planet Earth?

Sixth Location, Skútustaðir Pseudocraters
Pseudocraters are also known as Rootless Craters as they have no end to them as do normal craters.
FYI, You can actually walk near the rim of the psudocraters. :)

Accommodation for the night, Narfastaðir Guesthouse
Double beds for the boys
And family Suite for us I guess? :)
Dinner Time
Awesome appetizers followed by...
Delicious Main Course

The Night is Still Young
Decided to try our luck and see if we could spot any Northern Lights
But that night was too cloudy...
And so, we fool around with our iphone light instead! :D
That will be all for Day 5!


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