Saturday, December 5, 2015

Iceland 2014: Part 4

Day 6, First Location, Höfði Lakeside Walk
It is a peninsula in Lake Mývatn with strange lava formations and LOTS of trees.
Strolling through the park~ This is a good way to start our day!
Anyway, you basically just follow the dirt tracks that circles around the little park and you will end up with different viewpoints of the lake.
Autumn/Fall Season in Iceland?
Discovered strange lava pillars standing in the water? They are a unique feature known as the lava pillars of Kálfastrandavogar.
"Run Barry, Run" Pose. (If you do watch the flash, you will know what I mean... :P)
Alright! A rainbow suddenly emerged again!
DOUBLE RAINBOWS ONCE AGAIN! Haven't seen so many rainbows consecutively appearing in my life!

Second Location, Dimmuborgir

Dimmuborgir (means Dark Castles) is a large area of unusually shaped lava fields situated in the east of Mývatn in Iceland.
It is composed of various volcanic caves and rock formations, reminiscent of an ancient collapsed citadel. Hence, the name. - Wiki Halloween Postcard Collection #1, Zombified.
Halloween Postcard Collection #2, F.I.E.R.C.E.
Bro's description of this photo: An iceberg rotting in cave. Bahahaha!
Mum evolving into a Penguin due to the layers of clothes underneath.
Stripping halfway for a shot without the striking outerwear.
Huge Volcano can be seen nearby the area
A significant hole in Dimmuborgir *wink*
Awkward Hug from me to my bro :D
Third Location, Goðafoss
One of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland, Goðafoss. It actually means waterfall of the gods or waterfall of the goði.
Yes. Do put on your waterproof jackets here as well.
Oops! Sorry Ed. This is the only photo with you in it. :P
Well worth visitng! :)

Fourth Location, Akureyri
A small city in northern Iceland but it is Iceland's second largest urban area!
Lunch time! Oh yes~ We decided to try their Thai food for a change!
We miss our carbo, noodles and rice so much~ Haha!
We were then given like 2-3 hours to explore this city.
Yeap! Found one of Iceland's Theatre.
Rare for us to see orange-leaf trees so here we are, being typical tourist, taking photos with them!
Bro trying to be funny again
There's absolutely nobody on the streets while we were taking photos here.
Surprise to see Subway here! Fun Fact: There's no McDonald's, 7-11 or even Starbucks in Iceland.
Akureyrarkirkja or The Church of Akureyri is a prominent Lutheran church in Akureyri.
I love how colourful their streets were!
"Geysir" is a pretty popular Icelandic clothing brand. Erm... I guess??
There's even a small Indian Curry House there!
Smart to be such hideous looking mascots right outside the souvenir shop! Haha! You will not miss the shop now, would you?
Found a cafe to chill in!
But first, we gotta climb our lazy asses up :)
Admiring the nice portrait drawing on the side of the building.
Around 5SGD for a cup of latte. Yeap! Reasonable pricing.
When one doesn't get enough coffee...
OH YEAH~ DESSERTS! Sorry about the out-of-focus cake.
Hot Chocolate with lots of cream~ My favourite...
And a plate of crispy waffle with ice cream! Alright~ Moving on to the next destination.

Fifth Location, Kolugljufur Waterfall
Water plunging into the deep, rugged gorge called Kolugljúfur.
We were the only people there when we visited this majestic waterfall and canyon.
Anyway, this place is not far off Route 1 on a dirt road if you are interested. :)
Haha!! Mum trying her best to get the perfect shot for my dad. So ADORABLE~
Do cross the bridge to get another view of the waterfall!
Wanna have a picnic here? No problem! There's a lonely table with benches just for ya. Convenient or what~
Accommodation for the night, Country Lodge Gauksmýri
Checked into our rooms.
Horse Medallion keychain attached to your room key so you wouldn't lose it?
The exotic looking 'lobby'
As you can see, the lodge is pretty small so do book in advance!
You will get this awesome view while you eat in their restaurant.
Cool horse rider riding into the sunset
Were walking around the lodge and we were greeted by these two friendlies!
Then the super friendly locals working there asked us if we would like to tour around the stable! OF COURSE MAN~
A Black Beauty
Bro busy capturing unglam moments to put in our Iceland video.
These two fellow couldn't bear to leave us.
Ed afraid that it will bite his hands off... Hahaha!! Bye little one!
Back to our comfy lodge.
Oh yes. They do offer guided riding tours!
A common area for you to just lay back and relax~
While waiting for them to prepare our dinner, Instagram!
Photo taken with slow shutter speed. No clouds! This is definitely a good sign.

Dinner Time

Lamb for us.
And fish for Ed.
Dessert to share!
AND IT HAPPENED. WE CAUGHT OUR FIRST NORTHERN LIGHTS!!!!!! Can't describe how excited we were when we saw it swimming across the sky!
But then, Clouds started to cover them. Nooooooo...
Now we know how difficult it is to get a CLEAR view of northern lights.
Perfect photo opportunity for my lucky bro... *pout*
The ultimate fail group photo. HAHA!!
Initially, this was a pitched dark picture but then, I tried to play with the exposure and this appeared... OMG. BEAUTIFUL!
It was the Best. night. EVER. Hands down.