Thursday, October 30, 2014

Xi' An 2014: Part Two

Third Day, The Museum of Qin Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses (秦始皇帝陵博物院)
Guys, this is the main highlight of this trip! If you did not visit this museum while you're in Xi'an, then you HAVEN'T BEEN to Xi'an!! Archaeologists have spent the past 40 years carefully uncovering the life-size warriors from 22 sq. mi. (57 sq km) of earth-and-wood pits.

Admission fee is at CNY150 (March 1 - end of November) and CNY120 (December 1 - end of Februay).

Oh yes. They do offer student price if you show them your student id. It cost CNY75 only!

Heads up. For those independent tourists, if you're being approach by some locals saying they offer guides for free or whatsoever. DON'T BELIEVE THEM. Go rent an audio headset guide. That's your best bet! Our group were cheated by an imposter guide. This lady approach us and told us that they offer FREE service for students and all I can say is, #SCAM + #CHEATOURFEELINGS. THERE WERE NO SUCH THING AS FREE GUIDE FOR STUDENTS. But, let's say, you really want a LEGIT guide, it will cost you around CNY100.

Oh yes. I think we fell into another trap of that imposter lady when we agree to take this tram to the Museum. She told us that if we don't take the tram, then it will be a long walk to the Museum... We never found out if it was true...

Each tram ticket cost CNY5.

Happily boarded the tram and the ride was only 1-2 mins. -.-

On our way to the first pit, which is the largest one in the museum.

Here you have the largest excavation pit of the Terracotta Army! It holds the main army of more than 6,000 figures!! Fun fact #1: Scholars say that the warriors were buried with China’s first Emperor to protect him in the afterlife and were never meant to be seen.

Amazing panoramic view taken using my iPhone.

Fun fact #2: Qin Shi Huang had about 50 children, around 30 sons and 15 daughters.

All enjoying the site except... you know who~

The loving & outgoing couple, Stella and Jun Yuan.

Pretty lady with style, Jessly.

Classic and Glamorous lady, Yunyi.

This one... no introduction needed la! Hahaha!

Majority of the figures remained buried in the pits nearby Qin Shi Huang's mausoleum. Reason being that they want to preserve and prevent them from discoloration.

Fun Fact #3: Alongside the subterranean army lies horses, chariots, weaponry — even acrobats meant to entertain Emperor Qin in death.

Proceed on to the next pit, Pit 3 (Smallest). It is the command center or headquarters for all the groups in the other two pits.

Why many of the unearthed Qin Terracotta Warriors do not have heads, you ask? Ans: It is believed that these warriors did have heads when they were originally produced. Archaeologists speculated that at some point vandals broke into this pit and deliberately destroyed the warriors.

Onto the next pit, Pit 2. This pit can be divided into four sections. First section: 60 crossbowmen are in standing posture & 160 crossbowmen are aligned in squatting position. Second section: 64 war chariots make up a combat formation, which is divided into 8 rows. Each of the chariots is pulled by 4 life-sized terra-cotta horses. Third section: 264 foot soldiers and eight cavalrymen, as well as 19 war chariots. Section 4: Make up an impregnable fortress and next to the pit, there is a large exhibition hall which has the most complete range of functions. Quoted from travelchinaguide.

A Kneeling Archer.

A Middle-ranking officer.

A High-ranking officer.

A Cavalryman with his saddled war-horse.

A Standing Archer. I would cry if I was assigned to this position. No cool body armour to protect yourself!

Fun fact #3: One of the swords was found bent with a 331 pound terracotta warrior on top of it. When the heavy warrior figure was removed, the sword slowly returned to its original shape!

A really random group photo before proceeding to The Exhibition of Bronze Chariots.

This is an UNESCO site for sure~

Please forgive my shaky hands... Anyway, these are the Qinling Bronze Carriages. They were mainly made of bronze, but there were 1,720 pieces of golden and silver ornaments, weighting 7 kg, on each carriage!

Wefie after touring the museum!

CX entertaining XH by strutting a leisure pose~

A group photo without the most important Museum as backdrop! HAHAHA! Clever us~ This could be anywhere man!

One of our teacher (A cool man with sunglasses who appears on our group photos) decided to treat us to some ice-cream! Oh dear~ We can be easily bribe...

Rehearsals at Xi'an Conservatory of Music(西安音乐学院)
Having fun with the monopod during our break time~

Perverts alert~ There's actually somebody inside, doing 'business'! [evil grin]

2 of us decided to go out and take a look around!

Found a place nearby where they sold youngster's clothing.

And then, Stella saw a disturbing sight of a kid... SHITTING!!! IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. GROSS TO THE MAX. Thanks to Stella for telling me to "Look". =.= YOU HAVE SCARRED MY EYES AND BRAIN~

Came back and spotted some "slackers" at the balcony~

Introducing the newly-formed Power Rangers.

Dinner at 小杨烤肉
The Xi'an teacher and musicians treated us to this sumptuous meal after our rehearsals!

Time to dig in!

Look at the amount of beers they ordered just for our table. SCARILY MANY that we had to "dabao" (Takeaway) back to the hotel.

Had a great night with our fellow Xi'an musicians! We chatted and clinked our glasses as and when we like! And we even planned to spend some time together after dinner but goddammit, we had to perform tomorrow so... request denied~

The beautiful souvenir they gave each of us. Thank you guys!!

Fourth Day, Beautifying ourselves before THE PERFORMANCE
Isn't she adorable with her milk tea~ :P

Ordered Macdonald Delivery and excuse me, XH ordered everything in CHINESE. Ohmygod. It's funny how she tried to direct translate all the burger's name and describe them without their menu! The fascinating thing was that they arrive in less than an hour...

Xi'an Conservatory of Music(西安音乐学院), Concert Hall
The ceiling has the shape of a guitar's head.

The scene that we will be facing for the night! Except that it will be filled with heads la...

Our Concert Brochure.

Please Brace yourself as the photo spamming session will start now!

Okay. I took out those that I've uploaded onto other social platforms so thanks to me, you guys wouldn't be blinded by my face. :)

High-mode turned ON after the successful concert!! These following 8 after-performance shots were my favourites. I love how cheerful everybody looked here! We had to put a selfie stick on a tripod in order to get everybody into the picture! The power of iPhone and monopod. And I just realise that we were being photobombed.

The last supper in Xi'an
Yeah. It started raining but we will not let it dampen our mood! Decided to try out this particular food store by the street.

Chicken Wings

Fish littered with Chilli Padis and spicy soup base... This will definitely 'spice up your life'~

Hot soup to warm up our tummies!

A bad quality photo to end off our day! Brilliant!

Confession #1: I didn't expect this trip to be this enjoyable and sort of regret joining it [highlight] AT FIRST.
It's a new kind of experience for me since I have not travel alone. Therefore, I wanna thank my 2 nannies (XH & CX) for accompanying me throughout the trip and making this trip so fun-tactic! Yes, they can be a little crazy & unglam at times but they really took care of me and well, I'm getting used to their "silly-ness" anyway~ :P
I get to know a few of the new members in the group and the people I once only said "Hi and bye" to, became closer as well (you guys should know who you are)! I hope there will be a "Next time" for us although I don't mind taking out the performance portion la...
Confession #2: Yes. I got pretty nervous when I first stepped onto the stage and made a few (or maybe a ton?) of mistakes while performing. Bahahahaha~ Please forgive me laoshi~ [kneel]
Alright. That will be all for this post! Thanks for the awesome memories and thanks for spending some time to read my blog guys! Cheers!

Stay tune for my next post, [drums roll], Iceland.