Thursday, September 4, 2014

Trick Eye Museum, Singapore

Resort World Sentosa, Trick Eye Museum

Have you been to Seoul, Trick Eye Museum? If you haven't, you can just visit it here, in Singapore! It has a variety of 3D paintings for you to interact with! So get creative and do some silly poses with them like how my sis hubby does it (You will admire his skills later)! If not, you will just be wasting your money.
Original Price for Adults: $25 but you can get a 10% discount if you purchase them online! Buy tickets here
By the way, they do provide you with free selfie stick but they do not have a lot and I wouldn't recommend using them since each spot has a recommended photo point so that one can get the photo taken at the right angle.

First Zone, World of Masterpieces. There are 6 different zones in total! :)

The loving couple

& The sweet sisters!

D... Where are you touching...

Crazy Dancer with no flexibility

I wanna scream and shout, and let it all out~

Getting cozy in a frame...

Haha!! Sorry. Something random I found when entering to the next zone.

Joining Chubby Ballerina for a cup of tea.

A Freakshow. After this shot, D came out and complain that its damn smelly in the container. HAHA!

Presenting to you the BEST Magic show you will EVER SEE!

Fancy a raw head for dinner?

D terrified of the BIG us dancing to lady gaga's bad romance

And then, we switched role.

All locked up by a Dino.

Who says you can't sit on an elephant's trunk?


Keep... Holding on... [Avril Lavigne singing in the backdrop]

'Clinging' onto his dear life~

Have you heard of indoor 'sky-diving'?

Can you do this extreme yoga pose?

A she-male synchronized swimmer

Having a balancing issue?

Ready for the Human Canon!

Sis... So near yet so far...

Grumpy Baby D

Puss in Boots is here!

Performing some motorbike stunt here.

Can you spare me a lighter?

Gorgeous mermaids are here to stay...

Transportation for the future, Swans.
Grew a pair of wings but still prefer riding the bicycle~

An angel with an Heck-Care attitude. Have you seen before?

Hello... Would you like to adopt us?

Santa claus is coming to town~


Ain't about how fast I get there, Ain't about what's waiting on the other side...

It's the climb~

Really sweet family portrait.

A new way of riding a horse. (Please ignore the bright green slipper... Now you will notice it.)

How can you be a ballerina if you can't do... this?!

Who says Spider-man is a caucasian?

Second Round of Photo Taking
(My sis was all warmed up and she was ready to take unglam photos)
How normal people ride a horse

How a joker ride a horse

Prisoners of this huge scary baby

Sis = Mastermind

Just chilling with her fruit basket and a cup of Ribena.

Beware of the crotch grabber!

The big bully in action

[Evil Grin]

My sis getting creative in the 'wrong' way... Haha!!

"As long as you have your IMAGINATION~, you can be anything you want" Quote from Spongebob.

Last round of dog sledding!

That's all folks! The last few photos were taken by my iPhone 5S cause my camera decided to die on me.
Time to give you guys a little advice! GO on a weekday to avoid weekend crowd. The place is quite crammed up so you may not be able to take awesome photos with all of the art pieces! It can be frustrating too if there's a line of people waiting & just watching you doing silly poses... Oh yeah! By the way, we skipped a few of the art works so not all of them are present here.
Yes. We did have a great time there and I hope you guys will have tons of fun too if you were to visit!