Monday, August 25, 2014

Singapore Garden Festival 2014

Pigs are flying right now cause this time round, I'm posting about Singapore, my home!!! Bought a camera (Lumix G5) recently and I adore it more than my DSLR. It's lighter and it still produces photo as good as my DSLR! And since I've already taken a bunch of pretty photos, why not revive my blog right?

Gardens by the Bay at Marina, Cloud Forest

Name the shirt - "Who let the dogs out"

Introducing my bro's gf, Wendy the friendly girl

Holding the camera with the selfie pod isn't an easy task I must say...

The Algae Truck

Sis: Smellyyy~

Top-down view. Afraid of heights and could not stand close to the railings? This photo is taken for you~ [wink]

Hairy flowers

Presenting the Curly & frizzy hair Commercial. Stood in front of a cold air blower to get this effect okay!

When will my reflection show, who I am inside~

Soft focus effect used here that came with the camera

Haha!! Mischievous bro trying to imitate my sis...

Angelic couple

& the fierce couple

Mist was released at the right time in the background when taking these photos!

The 3 musketeers

American Eagle Spokesperson

Some Random Cap Spokesperson

Fedora Hat Spokesperson

Creepy-looking plant

Sis hubby creeping in to photobomb. Ha!

Okay. I just realise something when scrolling through these 2 pictures. The Lion's mouth and teeth actually looked like boobs... HAHAHA! Oops! Pardon me~

Next, The Garden Festival 2014

Hmm? Alice in the Wonderland theme?

Oh yes. For those who doesn't know what's this Garden Festival about, basically, it features award winning gardening luminaries from around the world!

All these exhibits were awarded with either a bronze, silver or gold medal.

This can totally be use in a MTV set lah

This was one of my favourite.

Wendy was telling me how these looks like the equipment use to shoot the Angry Birds! Haha! Hmmm... The designer might be inspired by the game. Never know man, never know...

The Nightmare Before Christmas theme

OOH~ Spotted a Buttermaid instead of a Mermaid! --> -.-' Heh. Sorry if you don't get it...




Feels like I'm in some kids wonderland!

The typical 'Roar' pose

Hi there! Did my huge face scare you? Hee!

Dark clouds rolling in~

Sister Love

Rainbow Umbrellas to brighten up your day!

A selfie shot to end our Gardens by the Bay outing! It was really crowded and the weather is pretty humid but luckily most of the gardens were all displayed indoors.

Dinner at Clarke Quay, Tampopo.

Sis treating us to this awesome dinner!

Ordered the Chef-recommended Ramen for myself and I love it, especially the lava egg! By the way, we tried their special promotion "Sweet Corns" too. Two word to describe them, REALLY SWEET.

Gonna wrap up this post by saying thank you for reading and please forgive me for not updating my blog on a daily or even monthly basis! :)


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