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Alaska & Seattle: Part 9

Day 12, Anchorage, Snow City Cafe.

Decided to cancel all our activities for that day because we actually drove by them when we were were going to our hotel. And well... you can actually give them a miss as they seem very mundane, especially after you've seen glaciers, whales, huge waterfall etc.

Walked to our Breakfast place, "Snow City Cafe"!

Main reason for trying this cafe: Found lots of good reviews online.

Packed our breakfast since there were lots of people waiting in line! And we made use of the benches right outside the cafe. :)

I can't recall if we ordered the same breakfast set but I know we've ordered the "Kodiak Benedict". That's for sure!

Roaming around in town.

Clean pathways decorated with colourful flowers.

Gonna fast forward to dinner because the day was solely dedicated to SHOPPING!! How can we skip it since it's TAX-FREE right?!?!

Early dinner at "Glacier Brewhouse"

Managed to get a reservation for this particular restaurant before shopping. This was recommended by the locals too.

AND... Before leaving alaska, let's just enjoy another round of KING CRABS! Say hi to high cholesterol! Haha!

A plate of "Fettuccine Jambalaya" Pasta.

Half pizza of "Rotisserie BBQ Chicken" and the other half was "Reindeer Sausage and Blue Cheese".

"Original Peanut Butter Pie". This was damn sinful yet DELICIOUS! Can feel the fats building up in me after this meal.

In my opinion, this place has great service and ambience. The main dishes that we ordered were decent... didn't leave a "MUST TRY" impression on me. BUT we (me and my bro) fell in love with the dessert. As for the king crab, still can't beat the one we had in Juneau!
P.S. Not sure if I got the name of the dishes correctly.

That will be all for Alaska! Moving on to our next destination, Seattle.

Day 13, Seattle.

Didn't mean to attract any attention at the airport when we were walking around with 4 brightly coloured luggages. Hahaha!
Anyway, we reached Seattle at around 5am after a 3 hours plus domestic flight via JetBlue.

Rented a "Dodge" to fit all of us! Ooh~ A spacious car indeed.

And it's drizzling~

After around 2 hours drive, we reached our place!

Never ever open a garage door before... till now! HAHA!

My dad's friend, who we had met in Vancouver, ask us to stay at his house while in Seattle! So, here we are! Staying in a landed property in Seattle!!! :D

The Fireplace which we didn't touch.

And the Kitchen, which we don't use as well.

Drove out to get us some brunch!

Walked into a random shop that we found nearby.

The ordinary breakfast set that you can get. Pancakes, bacon and eggs.

Returned back to our place to get some rest.

Ahhh... it's just so peaceful and quiet there! And the weather is so cooling... Sigh. Why can't Singapore get this sorta weather?!

Seattle Premium Outlets

Welcome to one of the Shopping paradise in Seattle!

There's 125 different stores for you to choose from. Brands like "Burberry" to "Abercrombie & Fitch".

Had a simple dinner at their food court.

There's Chinese, Italian, Western cuisines and Subway.

By the way, born as a Singaporean, we didn't wanna miss out any good deals/vouchers. :x Hence, we grab these VIP coupon book from their information counter! (I think this was available only for specific Airline passengers)

We were pretty desperate for rice and so, when we saw this particular Chinese food store and we immediately queued up for it without hesitating.

New kind of "Green Tea" that you can't get in Singapore!

After 3-5 hours of shopping...

BOOM and all our money... just flew away.

But you will definitely regret it if you don't buy them! You won't be able to get them in Singapore for that sort of price.

Bob's Burgers & Brew.

Since we had an early dinner, somebody's stomach started growling. Hence, we gotta randomly pick another restaurant again before heading back home.

A Visit to Walmart.

Not sure why but I'm super hyped when I entered Walmart!

Some unusual/cool/pretty stuff that caught my eye while looking around...

Very pretty flowers.

Take your pick!

$1 alcoholic beverage! It contains 3.2% of alcohol vol and the flavours that they have were kinda interesting!

Rows and rows of Lays~

Day 14, Seattle Downtown, Pike Place Market.

This place needs no introduction man! If you don't know anything about "Pike Place Market"... [speechless]

Tourist to-do photo with the signboard.

Woah~ I guess you can get "King Crabs" from here eh?

Fresh fishes for sale.

Neon signboards all over the place.

Ohmy... Just look at the Fancy Jumbo Lobsters! Yes! 100% Jumbo!

And then, we found the one and only "Pike Place Fish Market".

There's lots of videos about them on Youtube. Feel free to check them out! Their famous move would be to throw the fishes to one another.

Dammit! Couldn't get a clear picture of them throwing the fishes to each other. They were too fast! So... Here's our 'tired' faces instead!

Found this doughnut store just around the corner and there was a queue. Hence... the right thing to do would be to follow and queue up for it too right? Hahaha!

They were making these little doughnuts! They were good cause the inside was soft when you bite it~ I personally like the one with rainbow sprinkles because i'm a sucker for colourful stuff. HEH.

Breakfast at Pike Place Market

Yeap! Settle on a simple breakfast and proceed to...

The First Starbucks Outlet

Yes. The very first Starbucks store in the world is here, in Seattle.

Oh well~ time to queue for the souvenirs and coffee!

Established in year 1971.

Too bad the store was small so no seats provided!

Familiar? The Starbucks card that everybody's collecting!

Yay! Souvenirs! What else can you get in Starbucks except for their tumblers/mugs?

By the way, it's located at Pike Place Market. :)

Let's proceed~

By the way, we walked to the next destination instead of driving since it's pretty near.

A Lobster? Prawn? Shrimp? Transformer?

The Seattle Aquarium! Nah... We aren't visiting the aquarium.

Cloudy sky. Windy day.

Spotted a small scale carnival/theme park!

Dreamy Carousel.

Seattle tall buildings.

Lunch at Elliott's Oyster House

And again, fantastic reviews for it's seafood here.

Location of this restaurant: The Waterfront Area.

Best dish here you ask?

THE OYSTERS!!! OF COURSE! They were really juicy, fat and fresh. [Drool] You will see that everybody's table has a metal bucket to throw the oyster shell. Haha!

Not a bad place to dine in! Fantastic food with nice setting if love seafood, you'll enjoy it! Price wise, around 20-30usd per pax.

HANDMADE Ice Cream? Why Not?

What really caught our eyes were the unique flavours!

Interesting board about The Gay Cupcake in the background.

2 Scoops of ice cream with a special flavoured cone for us! I think it was a red velvet cone. Can't remember. Oops! What's new right?

Taking a ride to Seattle Center via the Monorail!

Just buy the adult tickets and you're ready to go!

DO NOT lose this vulnerable paper roundtrip ticket!

Anyway, this monorail departs approximately every 10 mins. Its a convenient link between Seattle Downtown and Seattle Center station, which is adjacent to the Space Needle and that's where we were heading to!

The iconic Seattle Space Needle!

Chihuly Garden Glass Museum

This museum showcases the artwork of a Northwest artist name "Dale Chihuly".

Ticket price: $20 each (incl. tax).

The museum is filled with glass artwork.

"Ooh. What an artistic seashell." Erm... I got no idea what caption to put for all these artwork but I'll try!!

Inspired by Medusa Hair.

Bamboo being invaded by crabs.

Ceilings filled with rainbow seashells!

Enjoying the colours filling the room~

Just love the vibrant colours he used!

A whole bunch of seaweeds hanging down from the ceiling.

Ohmy... More of it but in different colours.

They looked like flowers from this angle.

This artwork totally suits my OOTD.

Ooh~ This one looks really sharp! Beware...

A compulsory photo with the Space Needle! It's like how you need to take with the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

And this artwork suits my bro's OOTD.

The last photo of Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum! To be honest, we don't know how to appreciate this kind of art. Therefore, for us, even if we don't visit it, we won't regret it.
Main reasons for us to visit: It's a tourist attraction and this was very different from what we have been doing for the past few days! The only bad side about this museum is that the art style was kinda repetitive (obviously) because it's Chihuly's museum.

Photostop at EMP Museum

This is a museum dedicated to contemporary popular cultures.

They do have different exhibits inside but, we weren't keen in any.

So, we just want to capture a photo with this funky building!

This guy was a joker! Haha!! He's doing weird and funny dances for his friends to video! Very entertaining indeed~

An upclose photo of the museum's special architectural design.

Downtown Seattle, Early Dinner at "Cheesecake Factory"

FINALLY! One of the restaurant that I've been looking forward to the entire time! It's a USA must-visit place!

Attractive interior design which made the place look very grand and expensive.

Wow. The variety of cheesecake available... ... No joke.


Sorry about the bad photo quality.

Avoid ordering the Mango Key Lime Cheesecake unless you love sour stuff. It was damn sour!!
Alright! That will be all for the second day in Seattle! Done mostly shopping, eating and city sight-seeing for the first 2 days. Thus, the next post will be filled with scenery photos! Stay tune!

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