Monday, March 24, 2014

Seattle: Part 10

Day 15, Boat Ride to Whidbey Island.

Taking a ferry over to Whidbey Island since it carry vehicles too. It's an island about 30 miles north of Seattle.

Getting some fresh air with the cold wind pounding on our faces.

Whidbey Island, Langley

After approximately 20mins ride, we arrived at Whidbey Island! Hmm... What are my dad & bro doing? Doing some warm-up exercises before breakfast?

Breakfast at Useless Bay Coffee Company

Don't ask me what's the reason behind the cafe's name, I have no clue~

Simple Breakfast to kickstart our day!

A really peaceful island I must say.

Visit the Boy & Dog Park

To see the bronze sculptures of this boy and dog. I can imagine some of you guys reaction to that right now -> -.-

Everybody needs a hug, even a statue...

Ass-spanking and Eagle Style.

Daughter = Mum, Son = Dad.

One of the passer-by happily helped us take a group photo but the scenery is missing! Haha!! But she's superb friendly.

Romantic couple~

Quiet streets.

Such an adorable "Fire Department" they have here! I believe that this isn't a real Fire Department... Obviously right?

GreenBank, Coupe's GreenBank Store

Just passing by to get some snacks~

Looks so countryside-ish.

Wow. A cafe inside a small mart! That's new.

Digging for some tasty looking ice-cream.

Done with our grocery shopping!

Ooh... Time to taste this "Rootbeer" Ice-Cream Bar. It tasted like... ROOTBEER. :)

Drove up to "Fort Casey State Park"

"Fort Casey State Park is a 467-acre marine camping park with a lighthouse and sweeping views of Admiralty Inlet and the Strait of Juan de Fuca".

People do leisure activity here like flying kite, camping etc...

Unglam Jumpshot!

I came in like a Canon Ball~

And when we were exploring around the park, we saw them! Hmm... Baby Deers yeah?

Grazing under the clear skies.

Tried to get closer to them but they kept distancing themselves from us....

"3, 2, 1, FIRE"!

Photobomb by parents...

Which then became an artistic shot!

A comical shot with the Canon.

"KEEP OFF USE STAIRS" and there's a black crow staring at you. This always happens in scary movies isn't it?
Done with the Historical Park and back on the road...

Coupeville, Coupeville Wharf

"Coupville town was originally built as a small port and its primary business was the import and export of goods between the island and the mainland".

Busy snapping photos while walking along the wharf.

Somebody trying to take a good and artistic shot for Instagram... #Coupeville

Well, Same here~! #SELFIE

Such a pretty shop with all the colourful flowers!

A different view of the Wharf.

Mum, you have to credit me for this 'editorial' shot of yours!

Lunch at Mosquito Fleet Chili

We found out that the boss is from Thailand.

Serious Photographer in action again.

Okay. Should consider them as light bites instead of lunch...

Cute Poodle waiting for owner in car!

Near Coupeville, Ebey’s Landing

I've only seen a Ladybug on books or cartoon! This little one landed on my bro's friend windbreaker!

It actually looks like a pin/thumbtack.

Great View from Ebey's Landing.

The Ebey's Landing Bluff Hike. A windswept headland laced by one of Western Washington's most popular coastal trails. We were suppose to hike along this trail but cancelled it in the end.

Green Peas?
Okay. I can't really comment about this place since we didn't hike and this is pretty funny because, the main purpose of visiting "Ebey's Landing" in the first place is actually for the hiking trail! HAHAHA! I'm sorry~

Next destination, Lavender Wind Farm

For the people who loves lavender or just the colour purple, you will enjoy these photos.

When the wind blows, you can smell the lavenders~

Here comes the very cheesy pose! Okay. I'll admit that our heart is damn fail...

Farmers extracting the fully grown lavenders.

Ohmy. What a sweet couple~

Different species of lavenders found.

Spot the busy bee.

You can purchase stuff here which are all made with lavender.

Soap Bar, Jam, blah blah blah...

EVEN ICE-CREAM! Interesting right?! Anyway, let's proceed on to our last location!

Time to do the "Little North Beach" Hike

A hiking trail to North Beach which offers an excellent views of the Deception Pass Bridge.

And here we are after a short hike!

A fantastic place for you to get a clear shot of the "Deception Pass Bridge".

Parents enjoying the view while we were busy playing the "stone skipping" game.

This was the last hike of our trip! Well done guys! :)

Yes. I've enjoyed the road trip to Whidbey Island. It's such a calm and peaceful place and it certainly made me feel more carefree and happy! [Queue Pharrell Williams - Happy song] I feel that people should escape from the busy cities once in a while and just take in the beautiful nature, especially Singaporeans. Yeah. Unfortunately, Singapore does not offer breathtaking landscapes like other countries do. We have hills, forest, rivers, shopping malls with repetitive stores and plenty of buildings... Okay! Back to topic! You guys can definitely check Whidbey Island out and take it as a small getaway trip!

Dinner at Sam Oh Jung Korean Restaurant

We were kinda sick of western food so we found this random korean restaurant near our place.

Yippee! Delicious meal! The fish, Kimchi soup and RICE... Yumz~

Day 16, Shopping Spree at Alderwood.

Free and easy day for us and we shopped like c-r-a-z-y~ Hence, this is the one and only photo that I took on that day. LOL! This is the food place at "Alderwood". Took this when I was waiting for my food. PFFT!

Day 17, Seattle Tacoma International Airport.

Managed to eat a little before boarding the plane.

Store name: The Great American Bagel Bakery.

Do not judge the book by it's cover because it's actually pretty tasty!!

Sadly, I've come to the end of my Alaska + Seattle family trip! I know... like finally right after such a long break in between. Luckily, I have family and friends who will constantly nag me for not completing my posts. Hahaha!!
When I first told my friends that I'm going to Alaska for holidays, this one particular question would surely pop up, "Huh?! Got stuff to see meh?" And, here you go~ Hope my posts have answered your question well! :)

Alright. Overall, I will strongly recommend ALASKA. Alaska is an amazing and magnificent country that everybody has to visit at least once in their life! Oh yeah! Pick a balcony room when you're on the cruise. You will not regret it. Since I've only spent a few days in both Vancouver and Seattle, I can only say that I will prefer Vancouver for sceneries but for shopping, Seattle. My decisions are, of course, based on my trip's itinerary.

Don't worry guys. This isn't my last trip~ We have already booked our next trip's air tickets! This time, we will be flying to... WAIT FOR IT... ICELAND!!!!!! WHOOHOO~ Can't wait! Thank you guys for commenting and most importantly, reading my blog which has a mixture of Singlish and awful english. Haha! Appreciate it and and STAY TUNE!!!