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Alaska: Part 8

Day 11, Arrival at Whittier, Anchorage.

Welcome to the last port, Whittier. It is a small city with a small population. The only land access is through the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel.

Finally, it's time to say goodbye to Norwegian Cruise! We can totally feel the swaying of the ship while we were on land! Yes. That's how serious the after-effect of a 7 days cruise can be.

Mum super glad that there's no more cruise buffet! Yippee!! The truth is... we were all damn GRATEFUL. ENOUGH OF CRUISE FOOD MAN!

Okay. Tell you guys something ironic. We joined the Major Marine Tours - "Prince William Sound Surprise", an approximately 5 hours glacier CRUISE (AGAIN)... Hahaha!!! Oh well. It is the most popular tourist attraction in Whittier! (Or should I say, the only tourist activity available). Anyway, for your convenience, you guys could just deposit your luggages at their office.

Do look out for this hotel. Why? THERE'S FREE WI-FI HERE!!!

Exploring this small city before going for our glacier cruise~

Prince William Sound Tours

Here we go cruising again...

By the way, there will be a ranger explaining on board so if you got any burning question, ask her/him! A buffet lunch (with drinks and desserts) would be included as well.

Yay! Window seats for us! :)

Don't laugh but we managed to redeem a binoculars from our cruise. It would come in handy for this trip even though they do provide binoculars on board. So no worries for those wihout binoculars!

Feeling the cold wind hitting against our faces!

Just hanging around on the upper deck, enjoying the fresh but cold breeze.

Managed to see lots of jumping salmons! Sorry but this was the best photo I could capture!

Spot the lazy seal.

"Imma just chilling~"

Handsome bro with pretty mum!

Protecting his face and head from the strong cold wind.

Searching for wildlife...


Are we just posing???

Sea otters just floating aimlessly in the water... THEY ARE SUPERB CUTE~!!!! Used binoculars to look at their adorable position and I wish I could just abduct one of them back home... But I bet they will probably die in humid Singapore.

AWWWW~ LOOK... AT... THEM!! HOW CAN YOU HATE THEM? Congratulations to them! They have just made it into my list of FAVORITE ANIMAL!! ^^

Enough of the wildlife, have a look at the gorgeous scenery.

Looks like there's a penguin sculpture lying on the huge ice chunk.

Amazing waterfall view.

Time for the majestic "Surprise Glacier"! Ohmygod. I have no idea that it's literally called "Surprise Glacier"! Hahaha!!

The benefit of going on this tour is that you get to see the glacier at a CLOSER distance. Unlike when you're on cruise!

Bro took this big-face photo of me with an unfocus glacier in the background...

Some CLOSE-UP views of the glacier.

Trust me, this is just a warm-up ice calving from the glacier.

BEST ICE CALVING WE'VE EVER SEEN! We were indeed a very lucky bunch of people. Massive amount of ice cracked from the glacier and the cracking sound was just... loud. The huge waves it made when the ice chunks dropped... Ohmygosh. Three words to describe a live ice calving... WOW Fantastic Baby!!

Some close-up view on the after effect of ice-calving.

Our cruise's staff managed to fish out some of the ice chunks from the water and guess what?

They place one piece of the ice for us to touch they made cocktails with the GLACIER ICE and sell them to us... SMART MOVE.

Sun surrounded by fluffy clouds.

Sorry for the reflection of the window. Anyway, this is a magnificent sight of about 5000 kittiwake birds gathering at a waterfall! Scored another bonus!

The kittiwake birds are actually nesting along the cliff sides. They are actually protecting their littles ones from the eagles too.

And you can only see this amazing view at the right time/season.

The last beautiful scenery we saw before ending our cruise tour. Major Marine Tours - Prince William Sound Surprise was yet another awesome and unforgettable experience we had for our trip! It was filled with different landscapes for you to admire. Sea, mountains, waterfalls, wildlife and most importantly, glaciers. The lunch buffet that includes Alaskan Salmon and Prime Rib was satisfying and with the ranger's detailed information, you get to learn and appreciate the nature. This is a DEFINITELY-MUST-GO attraction when you're at Whittier! No regrets! For more information, check out their official website: Prince William Sound Tours

Time to leave Whittier for Anchorage, Downtown.

Private bus just for us! :)

And here we are after a 2 hours drive. Exploring the town and on a lookout for a dinner place.

Hmm... Empty and quiet streets at around 7pm.

Dinner at "Snow Goose" Restaurant.

Heard from the locals that this is a pretty well-known restaurant in town so here we are! You just can't miss any good food when you're abroad!

Ooh la la~ Brewed beer.

One of the appetizer that we ordered.

If I'm not wrong, we ordered the Gold Rush Golden Ale that the staff recommended!

And they gave us another cup of free beer to test! So kind of them right?!

From the looks of it, it should be Seafood Pasta.

Whoohooo~ Another round of KING CRAB!

Yummy~ But we feel that this isn't as good as the one we ate at Juneau.

Overall, cosy ambience, nice food and really friendly staff! No complains! :)

Taking a walk after filling up our tummy~

In LOVE with the weather and it was extremely peaceful.

You can just count the number of people walking on the street with your fingers.

Can do whatever we want! Nobody's watching us anyway~

Mum trying her best to do the "I'm-touching-the-flower" pose.

Visiting the souvenir shops once again!

You can get cheap fleece jackets here too!

Find these knitted caps familiar?

Woah... Monster Truck! Never seen one before until now...

Cool "Visitor Information Center" hut!


They got multiple souvenir shops around town but they usually sell the same, similar stuff.


Alaska Mint is actually a jewelry shop.

Cabbage-look-alike at the side of the road?!

Ramada Hotel.

Checked into Ramada Hotel for a good night rest!

No hotel room photos available. My apologies~ Anyway, if there's no need for fancy/high-class rooms, you should try out this hotel. It's comfortable enough for a night's stay! :)


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