Saturday, August 10, 2013

Alaska: Part 7

Day 9, Glacier Bay National Park.

Just a random chocolate that we bought at Skagway. It's called the "Polar Bear Smooch" and the taste was... peppermint-ish.

Alright! Rise and shine for our first glacier onboard! Glacier Bay National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A sea of mountains.

All of us were once again, on a lookout for wildlife. Norwegian cruise invited rangers onboard to explain about the glacier and help us find some wildlife if they spot any.

One side were mountains covered with snow, and on the other hand were mountains covered with greenery.

And then, we spotted the glacier!

Cruise had to reduce the speed when approaching the glacier because we were surrounded by chunks of ice bergs in different sizes and the cruise captain had to really maneuver this giant ship carefully.

Plenty of seagulls flying near our ship.

The ice were like shimmering diamonds on the sea.

People crowding around to take a good photo of the glacier.

Focusing on the loud sound and sight of any ice calving... AND THEN... NEXT MOMENT...

*CRACK* Ice Calving: Breaking off of chunks of ice at the edge of a glacier.

Getting closer to the glacier! Since the captain announced that they will do a 360 degrees turn for everybody on the ship, we ran to our room's balcony!

So here we are! Squeezing together at the balcony! Heehee.

Look at that...

Couldn't get any closer because of the amount of ice.

Wondered if the bird's feet was freezing? [bimbo moment]

Massive iceberg.

"Hey, Wassup? Any food to spare?"

An hour past and it's time to leave Glacier Bay National Park!

Though it's cold, we still couldn't resist the soft serve ice-cream!

We chanced upon this while sitting at the Cafeteria, THREE WHALES TRAVELING TOGETHER?

Guess they were one happy family~

Day 10, Hubbard Glacier.

Woke up to the sight of this...

Hubbard Glacier is 122 kilometres long.

And this place was literally COVERED with ice!

Mum helped my dad took this photo while I'm changing at high speed as we were closing in onto the glacier. You don't wanna miss that!

Yeap. One stretch of glacier.

New way of posing for a picture when you have limited space to move around.

Poking out my head to get a better look of the glacier. Unfortunately, due to the large amount of ice bergs in the water, we couldn't get any closer to the glacier.

A traditional chinese formal photo setting.

Being distracted by this adorable Mouse towel folded into a cup!

We ran from room to room because our captain did a 360 turn again for this place and just nice, two of our rooms were on different sides of the ship! :)

The just-awaken swollen face.

Please do not judge my mickey mouse pullover.

Trying our best to capture the glacier in the background.

A clearer view of Hubbard Glacier.

We did hear cracking but too bad, it was too far!

Spent an hour here too to appreciate the glacier and we are ready for the final stop!

Low lying fluffy clouds~

A cheerful Family Picture after having breakfast!

Cute?! :) I will agree that my mum is!!

Bro accidentally took this when I was walking by. HELLO~ BUNNY PASSING BY!

Bro evil glance.

Actually... My mum looked like a mouse...

Beware of the High flying kick stunt!

My bro's turn to be cute~ Not sure why but when he wears it, he looked like a bear!

New movie poster of "The Man in Black Hood.". Bleah...

Alright! That will be all for our last two days of cruise! Had sea sickness again when sailing along the Pacific Ocean as the waves were very bad. Therefore, NO FOOD PHOTOS. Sorry~ But you can't complain much since you had the chance to see 2 glaciers at one go and stopped over 4 different ports! By the way, Norwegian Cruise is one of the few cruises that does Glacier Bay National Park so do check before booking tickets! Well, for the overall summary, Norwegian cruise isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Though, yes, it is a pretty small ship as compared to the others, but we were satisfied with their services and activities throughout the trip and would definitely try out the other Norwegian ships if we have the chance! :)


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