Saturday, August 3, 2013

Alaska: Part 6

Day 8, 7am, Arrival at Skagway.

The first thing we saw when we came down the cruise, The White Pass Train. It's the most popular tourist attraction.

Welcome to Skagway!

Another "Whitepass" train.

Shall we hop onto the train?

Yeah. It was still quiet when we were walking along Broadway Avenue. Not all shops were opened yet.

Camp No. 1 Skagway. The most unusual building I've seen.

Once again, we are in Universal Studio!! The colorful buildings with cute signboards ~

Please be considerate and place your butts here.

Just casually walking across the road like nobody business.

Any supporters of Sarah Palin?!

Is this how a limousine looked like in the olden days?

Looks like a hybrid of Jeep and Limousine to me... Anyway, we are renting a car from "Avis" instead of taking the White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad! :)

A faraway view of the "Gold Rush-era advertisements".

Another model of mine, Mum!

Got this red Toyata car and we decided to let our mum drive around this time round since there's not much car on the "South Klondike Highway"! Just for your information, we will be following the Murray's Guide to the South Klondike Highway so let's get started!

First Viewpoint of Skagway City.

You can see the entire Skagway town, which isn't really big.

Second Pulloff Point.

If you are lucky, you will get to see some Mountain Goats here.

We ain't that lucky~
Third Viewpoint, Pitchfork Falls.

The Pitchfork Falls flows out of the Goat Lake.

Fourth Pulloff Point, William Moore Bridge.

You can see the Skagway River Valley,Sawtooth Mountains and Asymmetric suspension bridge from this location.

Fifth Pulloff Point.

An amazing view of mountains whereby some were still covered with snow.

Stupid + ugly poses by us.

The views you get when you're driving.

Canadian Custom. Oh yes! Remember to bring your passports along if you're taking this highway!!

What a coincidence! The train was at the custom too for us to take a picture with~

Sixth Viewpoint, Yukon Suspension Bridge.

If you are interested in crossing the suspension bridge, you will need to pay an entry fee.

A view of Tutshi River.

Since we've crossed a Suspension bridge in Vancouver, we skipped this and took a picture of the bridge from a far~

At least each of us got a sticker and chop as souvenirs! Okay... I think I lost it in Seattle...

Continue on our journey!

Seventh Pulloff Point.

Not sure what are these mountains called, it may be the "Iron-Capped" Mountains.

We drove up and realize that there's another Pulloff Point which offers a better view of the mountains!

Eighth Pulloff Point, Yukon Welcome Sign.

Got to take a photo with this because you're entering Yukon territory that is in Canada!

Another random photo taken while in the car.

Ninth Viewpoint, Bove Island.

This is a sightseeing lookout destination for tourist.

Yes. You will be looking at this piece of land called, "Bove Island" from this viewpoint. That's all folks! :)

Tenth Location, Carcross Town.

Carcross is an unincorporated community in Yukon.

For me, I think this place was kinda simple and laid back.

Visited the "Visitor Information Centre" to ask for some food recommendation! The people are SUPER FRIENDLY TOO.

Had our lunch at this particular place. They have sandwiches, soups and...


Mum couldn't bear not touching the dogs she sees on the streets. Even if it belongs to an owner... Hahaha!

Ooooooh~ Ice cream in a PINK colored shop! Sounds GOOD~

We didn't buy any ice-cream because they're not homemade!!

I guess that the "White Pass and Yukon Route" train do stop at Carcross too.

Eleventh Viewpoint, Emerald Lake.

Emerald Lake is notable for its intense green color. The color derives from light reflecting off white deposits of marl, a mixture of clay and calcium carbonate, at the bottom of the shallow waters. - Wiki

Prettiest place on South Klondike Highway.

We turned back for Alaska after Emerald Lake. Took approximately 3 hours to reached this end point.

Twelve Viewpoint, Carcross Desert.

Carcross Desert is often considered the smallest desert in the world but it is actually a series of northern sand dunes.

Me and my brother were trying to get the perfect jump shot with this signboard.

But it turns out to be a DISASTER... A DISASTER FOR ME~ Look at my sexy face and hair and my mum staring at me like I'm an 'idiot'~~

Thirteenth Viewpoint.

Not sure what is this lake called but you can see that there's two lakes merging...

By the color differences of the water.

Very strange... All the stones were stacked up!

Mummy in her own world while the rest of us poses for the camera!

There really wasn't much cars on this highway! You can see from this photo that there's only our striking red car at the back.

Well... From me and my family perspective, we feel that the road returning back to Alaska was prettier!

Fourteenth Viewpoint, Alaska Welcome Sign.

Alright! Time to leave Yukon and enter Alaska again!

And that's the end of our one-day road trip! Took approximately 2 and a half hours to return back to Skagway. It's shorter than when we were going to Yukon because we drove non-stop. (Except to take the Alaska Welcome Sign)

Back at Skagway.


Ooh! Another looking eagerly for the owner~

And we still had the time to enjoy some beverages at Starbucks.

Vintage car.

Shopped at their supermarket and bought "eclipse" Chewing gum! Erm... Yeah... Same taste as the candy kind. Maybe a little bit more mint?

Back On Our Cruise for Dinner.

Special treat for the night! IT'S "CHOCOLATE EXTRAVAGANZA"!

Sinful night! Didn't take any pictures of food cause I ran back to my room due to sea-sickness. Not sure why but it was shaking back and forth!

A cute piggy towel!

Another gorgeous sunset view from our room's balcony.

A small advice: If you guys are going on a budget trip like us, we will strongly recommend renting a car instead of taking the White Pass train. You pay lesser for more sceneries! You can stop whenever you like at designated viewpoints/pullovers along the scenic highway and just enjoy the moment. And if you're lucky, you may spot some wildlife like black bears too. Alright! That will be all for Skagway! Cheers! :)



  1. Thank you so much for your beautiful blog! We are going on the same trip next year and I am learning so much!

  2. I Also wanted to let you know the little rock piles are cairns- we often leave them in beautiful places to say thank you.

    1. Hello Pauleah! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments! Wow! I didn't know the little rock piles has a meaning to it! Thanks for sharing and hope you would have fun during then next trip! :))

  3. Thanks so much for all your information. Doing the same cruise in September 2014 and you have been a great help

    1. Hello! Thank you!! :) Awesome~ Have fun and enjoy the cruise!!

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Deborah! Sorry for the extremely late reply. If you mean the total time I spent in Alaska, it's around 5-6 days :)