Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Alaska: Part 4

Let me show-off these interesting rings that we found before I start on our Day 6 Trip.

These transparent rings look very normal and unappealing right? But you're wrong~

AFTER WALKING UNDER THE SUN, your rings would TRANSFORM COLOR!! COOL. For those who are interested, you can purchased them from Del Sol.

Day 6, Arrival at Ketchikan.

Reached Ketchikan at around 7am. Anyway, just wanna mention a really random thing, I love to call this city "Catch-Chicken"! :p

Stores were opened this early just because several cruises were coming in.

Ketchikan is the south-easternmost city in Alaska with an estimated population of 8,119 within the city limits.

Time to explore this small city!

A city map to help tourists find their way.

This is how Ketchikan's Duck Tour looks like!

Downtown Shuttle Bus.

My parents decided to give her some tips for being kind to us!

Streets of Ketchikan Downtown.

Taking the Blue Line Local Bus to our first destination. People could actually just place their bikes in front of the bus.

Like the sign says! $1 per ticket.

First Location, Totem Bight State Historical Park.

Finding our way to the Totem Park.

Say, I believe I can fly~

My mum trying to hide her small face from the cold wind. I showed my mum this photo and she can still ask me, "Where's my face?". [faints]

Reached the totem park! It's not big but, oh well, wouldn't hurt to just learn a little about their history! There's brief narratives provided next to each Totem too.

Skilled carvers from among the older Native Alaskans were asked to repair or duplicate totem poles that were abandoned when the natives moved to communities where work was available.

Welcome to the "Clan House". A clanhouse of this size could have housed 30 to 50 people.

Displaying his 'fierce' look pose.

Inside of the Clan House.

Huge scary looking tree.

This is the place whereby they repair/treat the totems.

My bro snapped this photo when I'm not even ready~

Beautiful flowers along the road.

Can somebody tell me if these are maple leaves?

Visiting the nearby souvenir shop.

Big Black Bear placed right at the entrance.

Vintage cars in the shop. Weird?

They had a "Museum" sign in front of this room. Hmm... ...

Lunch at Annabelle's Keg and Chowder House.

Lots of people recommended this place so we were there early to try it before the crowd starts swarming in!

Newspaper concept menu.

Breads to go with...

THEIR MUST-TRY CHOWDERS! We bought all three flavors: Seafood, Salmon and Clam. LOVE THEM cause they were thick and tasty~

Halibut Taco. I didn't expect it to be THIS HUGE when I ordered it but... I managed to finish it... [blush]

You HAVE TO TRY their "Fresh fish of the Day", Halibut! It was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. AWESOME.

Very satisfied with our lunch! :)

Another huge cruise came in behind us, called the "Holland America Line".

Welcome to Ketchikan Sign. The first city in Alaska and the salmon capital of the World~

The sign actually arches over Mission Street.

Flowers with vintage tram at the back.

Hot Wheels.

Second Location, Creek Street.

Colorful buildings along Creek Street. Very Universal Studio feel right?

It is one of the most popular things to do in Ketchikan for tourist!

Creek Street was built along the shores of Ketchikan Creek.

Do you know that Creek Street was Alaska's significant red light district area? The ‘Dolly’'s House Museum’ used to be a brothel.

There's restaurants and unique shops along this street. You can buy fleece jackets here cause they are very CHEAP.

Spotted a chinese restaurant!!

Red Maple Leaves.

Random shop found.

This well was built inside a private property. The owner of this well is VERY INNOVATIVE.

Just read the sign. Haha!

Drop your coin through this pipe and make a wish!

And look at their tree. They actually drew a face for it.

Parents requested me to take this picture of Harley Davidson Motorbike for my sis's hubby~

Back to our cruise~

Big and adorable plushies by my side!

Before boarding the ship, we decided to try Dr. Pepper! One of the more popular gassy drink in USA.

Dinner on the Third Day of Cruise.

Norwegian Signature Caesar Salad.

Greek Salad.

Wild Mushroom Ravioli with Three Cheese Sauce.

The Chef's Regional Specialty.

Louisiana Blackened Red Snapper.

Kiwi Sherbet.

Kahlua Tiramisu Cake.
Yay! Another towel folded when we went back to our room!

The view that we saw after bathing. The sun setting at around... 9-10pm?

Look at the low-lying clouds.

Beautiful aye?

End of Day 6! Overall, Ketchikan doesn't offer much attractions since it is a small city but it was very relaxing to just stroll around the city and enjoy the cooling weather. The only thing that I missed would be... "Annabelle's" food!! Alright. Time to move on to the next city!



  1. I love your blog! My husband and I are headed on an Alaskan cruise in a few weeks. I will definitely try Annabelle's in Ketchikan! Thanks!

    1. Hello webjanet! Thank you very much! Yes. You have to try Annabelle's but remember to maybe make a reservation or be there at around 11plus as it might get crowded during lunchtime. Enjoy your Alaska Trip!! :)

  2. Enjoyed reading your blog, we are preparing for a cruise to Alaska in early June. Yes, your picture is maple leaves, and the pretty pink flowers are rhododendrons.

    1. Thank you Laurie for the compliments and information!! Appreciate it and enjoy your trip to Alaska!!! :))

  3. Those pictures are awesome and I enjoyed your very helpful port blogs. I wish I could read the comments though on your pictures. I can't because of all the flowers :-(

    1. Hi there! Thank you!! Ohman! There should be a white background covering the flowers so that people can read the comments as well. Hmm... I think its because of your browser? Anyway, thanks for the heads up! I might change to a less complicated background. :x