Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vancouver: Part 3

Day 4, Breakfast at Cafe Crepe.

The "swollen" faces in the morning.

Our everyday breakfast were pretty similar... Egg Benedicts and Rosti.

First and the Last Location, Lynn Canyon Park.

This was the main reason why we visited this place, to cross the Suspension Bridge AND it's FREE OF CHARGE!

It is a 50 meter high bridge which stretches accross a beautiful canyon boasting raging waters, waterfalls and deep pools below.

New Portal to "Alice's Wonderland". Let's hop in, shall we?

You can totally take a super stylish model shoot here, with all the surrounding tall trees.

Hiking towards "30 Foot Pool".

Just take one step at a time.

You 'shoot' me? I shall 'shoot' you too!

There's actually people hiking upwards. Scary isn't it?

XL size dog coming our way.

My sis will definitely say this, "Ohmygod! Beethoven Dog!!" Haha! The funniest thing was that it's drooling~

Alright! A few more steps to our next destination.

30 Foot Pool Trail

Here we are! You can actually dip your legs into the freezing cold water.

This stair leads you to the Northern region of the park and "Pipe Bridge". We skipped the long flight of steps and went for the other trail.

Dad just chilling by the side, admiring the greenery.

A romantic spot for couples?

Stairs, everywhere.

Maple tree look-alike.

Twin Falls Loop Trail.

I bet this was only a part of the trail cause I didn't see any Twin Falls! Just another water flowing downstream and maybe a few plunge pools... -.-

Whatever! Need to take some photos since we climbed like a hundreds of steps down to get onto this bridge.

What's on my mind: Arghh... Waste my effort to see this.

My bro is more fit than I am, so he was cool with it. Good for him ah! Anyway, didn't take photos when we were walking back because I was busy catching my breath while climbing UP TONS of STAIRS(Yes, Again)! We were perspiring like crazy even though the weather was very cooling. And when we reached the cafe, my parents were happily sipping and enjoying their cup of coffee. Haven't exercise this much since... f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

Boarding Norwegian Sun Cruise at Vancouver's Cruise Terminal.

Ready to set sail for Alaska! This cruise has a total of 12 decks.

The Balcony Room on Deck 8.

We could actually hear the music from our room when they were having shows in the ship's theatre. Luckily, there's only 2 shows per night.

Went for the first show (Called Welcome Aboard Show) in the ship's theatre, "Stardust Lounge".

Hair curling in all direction but I don't care~

Was kinda empty cause people are either going for dinner or unpacking their luggages.

People can actually choose to have their everyday meals at "Four Seasons" or "Seven Seas" Dining room if you are going for the main-course style. It is free and there's a small differences between their everyday standard dishes that they offer. But basically, they have the same 'today's special' menu. Anyway, seats for these restaurants are according to the first-come-first-serve basis.

Cruise Souvenir Shop.

Casino! Place your bets~

Dinner at Four Seasons.

First up, appetizer. You can choose from a variety of appetizers, main courses and of course, desserts.

Appetizer 2.

Main Course 2. (I ordered this) Teriyaki or BBQ sauce chicken breast if I remember correctly.

Main course 3. Salmon.

Main course 4. Lobster Tail. Best (and more worth it) dish for the entire cruise trip.

Dessert 1. Chocolate Panna Cotta.

Key lime cake? I forgot... OOPS.

Day 5, Onboard Day.

Decided to tour around this cruise after having our buffet-style breakfast. This is a pretty lame game cause you're actually playing golf except that you won't be hitting the ball into a hole, you smack it on the target.

Shuffle Board Court.

Basketball Court.

Outdoor swimming pools with Jacuzzi.

The gush of cold wind when you walk across deck 11 and 12 will definitely make you feel so damn AWAKE.

This should be the Observation Lounge.

Entrance to Sun Club Casino.

People usually fast walk or jog at this deck. Deck 6.


I got no idea what this is even though there's a photo of the menu! Haha!!

Fried Calamari. Everyone knows that...

Penne Bolognese.

Chicken Milanese.

Salmon and Shrimp Salad Sandwich.

Fish 'N' Chips.

Ice Creams!!

Blueberry Cheesecake.

Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta.

Strawberry Shortcake.

Happy us after lunch!

Taking a look at their Games room which is through the Library.

And guess what we found~ MAHJONG! MWAHAHAHA~ We were very surprise to be able to find mahjong sets in an 'almost-all-angmohs-population' cruise and also that some white people were actually very interested to learn how to play this game! There were these two ladies playing dominos on the other table next to ours and they were asking us to teach them. Haha! Funny and friendly!

After a few games, back to exploring the ship. Teppanyaki on board that was always fully booked. (Not Free)

Le Bistro French Restaurant, I think. (Not Free)

Very high-class and romantic.

My bro had to block the wind from messing up my hair. I don't understand why there's still people going for a swim! It's SO COLD and WINDY! And they can still walk around in their swimwear/bikini like they are carrying a heater along with them.

My bro's sense of 'artistic'.

Mini arcade.

East Meets West Steakhouse. (Not Free)

All you do on a cruise is... EAT.

Decided to sit outdoors so that we can enjoy this view while eating!

I shall post another photo soon explaining the super ability of this ring~

If you're lucky, you will see some wildlife along the way!

Some candid jump shots for you guys to laugh at! Don't complain that I only post glam photos alright! Edmund pose looks like he's playing basketball so I added the 'basketball' for him~ HAHA!

I'm like dancing to Gangnam Style.

Finally getting a perfect timing jump shot!

Best jumpshot, IRONMAN APPEARS.

Dinner for Second Day on Cruise.

Black Bean Soup.

Zesty Vegetable and Bean Burrito.

Prosciutto with Melons and Figs.

Poached North Atlantic Cod.

Thai Chicken and Shrimp in Coconut Curry Sauce.

An old lady enjoying her dinner with a cup of red wine beside the window with amazing view.

Carrot Cake.

Lemon Sherbet.

Lime Sherbet.

Lemon and Fresh Ginger Custard.

Back in our room and we saw this cute towel folded by our housekeeper! :)

That's all for Day 4 and 5! Just to conclude my impression on Vancouver, I feel that the people in Vancouver are really, really FRIENDLY! As for the places that we have visited, I wouldn't say that it's bad but it didn't have the WOW factor. But I do love the cycling activity! For shopping... Oops~ We didn't shop in Vancouver so I can't really comment on it except for my bro who bought a "Roots" Jacket because "Roots" is a local brand in Canada. The price was okay, not say very cheap too... Anyway, 3 full days were actually sufficient for us. We will visit Canada again but it would be for the "Rockies" next time round!



  1. OMG, me damn jealous you get to hike at the superb pretty forest! hahahaha.
    and also your food all so yummy *drool*


    1. You sure can get a prettier view than me when you go next time cause you love hiking!! As for me, there are actually lots of trails that we didn't hike cause it's either too difficult or it will take too much time~ By the way, I KNOW YOU ARE BEAR BEAR~ HAHA!! :))