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Vancouver: Part 2

Continuation from Day 2 Stanley Park.

P.S. These photos were taken by a digital camera. So... quality isn't as good as mine! :P Sorry Edmund~ Hahaha!

This was the last landmark for Stanley Park. The duration for the entire cycling excursion was around 3hours plus. (Back and forth)

Change of transport when we were making our way back to the hotel.


Had a late lunch at this Japanese restaurant (that has big servings of California Maki in their set lunch menu) and this was our early dinner. Hot dog bun which seems pretty popular! Just look at the amount of 'CELEBRITIES' photos taken...

Done with second day. Had fun cycling around Stanley Park (especially with your love ones) though it was pretty energy-draining. Another thing is that tour groups will never include such activity in their itinerary. Therefore, if you are planning a free and easy trip like us, you SHOULD/MUST try out because this is an experience that you wouldn't want to miss out~!

Day 3, Breakfast at "White Spot".

A Canadian Restaurant based in Vancouver.

They are best-known for their burgers but...

I still picked their "Spot's Berry Patch Waffle with blueberry for myself! Didn't take photos of what the rest of them ordered cause they just ordered those with eggs, shredded hash browns and bacons. Very basic sort.

Walking distance to our car rental location.

Never seen such a food truck before till now...

Yeap! This is the place where we rent our car. "Budget Car Rental".

"Ford" for the day! Not too shabby!

And we are on our way to "Whistler"! A resort town in the southern Pacific Ranges of Coast Mountains.

Driving along the highway that offers great sceneries.

First location, Whistler Village

After almost 2 hours of car ride, we reached "Whistler Village".

Welcome to the heart of Whistler!

A handful of cafes and shops like "Roots" can be found here.

Lunch at this particular cafe called "Ingrid's Village Cafe".

A small cafe that sells sandwiches and burgers.

Hmm... this should be the Salmon burger.

And this is Cordon Bleu burger.

Though these burgers looked very average, they were surprisingly GOOD! Will strongly recommend this place if you are dining in Whistler Village.

Since it's summer, the popular activity was Mountain Biking, adventurous sport eh?

Not sure if it's an off-peak season, there wasn't anybody in the queue!

Alright! Purchased the tickets and now, to board the cable car to Whistler mountain!

Up up here we go~

Scared of heights? (My mum does ><) Whistler Mountain is 7,160 ft high.

Second Location, Whistler Mountain.

They held the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games on this mountain! Impressive right?

Putting on our windbreaker immediately when we were up there.

And then, the sky just became cloudy without warning...

Mum = Eskimo. Hahaha!

Second cable car ride which was known as the "Peak 2 Peak Gondola". This is the longest unsupported lift span in the world at 3.024 kilometres (1.88 miles) and the highest lift of its kind at 415 metres / 1,361 feet, linking the summits of Whistler mountain and Blackcomb mountain. (Approximately 11 mins ride)

The entire gondola belongs to us! And so, we could just walk around freely and talk crap without people judging us...

Third Location, Blackcomb Mountain.

Started raining once we alighted at Blackcomb mountain, which was 7,494 ft high.

BUT... it stopped raining after like, 1 minute? -.- WHICH IS GREAT! OF COURSE! That's the reason why everybody's smiling widely.

Taking photo for her "Wechat" profile/timeline. Parents nowadays~

Looks like it's pouring over that area.


Happily choosing the flavors while dad is busy capturing them on our video cam. (Making our own family videos that I'm too shy to share them with you guys)

Enjoying a cup of gelato on a Snowy mountain. Ahhh~ Good life, good life~

Back to Whistler Mountain to do Pika's Traverse Trail.

Random writings on the Snow wall.

Dragging my feet up this steep slope plus, my hiking shoes were killing me... Silently. They were so heavy! [Grumble]

As for my bro, I bet he's like "Lalala~ Such an easy trail!"

However, we came down immediately after asking people on the amount of time they took to hike finish this trail. Duration: 1.5-2 hours. Nah... Too challenging for my parents.

Took photos with these short snow walls instead before going back down.

And my mum decided to help me 'mark' my big name on those walls... I'M FAMOUS I GUESS?

W(Dad) loves M(Mum). Aww~ So sweet!!

Alright. Time to head back down to Whistler village.

The following locations are done when we were driving back to Vancouver along the Highway.

Fourth Location, Brandywine Falls Provincial Park.

Guess what will we be looking at in this park. (Hint: Name of the park tells it all)

Orange Halo right smack in the middle of my "pretty" face! If not, it would have been my new profile picture...

This orange halo will occasionally follow us. It did make an appearance in my Bangkok photos too...

Trying our best to squeeze ourselves into this picture so that we can capture the Waterfall altogether!

Walking further into the woods...

And this was the view you get for the extra effort made. Clearer view of the 70-meter (230 ft) fall located on Brandywine Creek.

Attempting to take a photo with this huge waterfall again.

Train track out of nowhere.

Fifth Location, Tantalus Lookout.

Just a viewpoint for you to see rows of snow-capped mountains as well as the valley and river below.

Sixth Location, Stawamus Chief Mountain.

This is a granite dome located adjacent to the town of Squamish. Unique name eh? Sounds like something you will hear in the game "Sims".

Mini me VS Chief mountain

Seventh Location, Shannon Falls Provincial Park.

Shannon Falls is composed of a series of cliffs and rising 335 metres above Highways 99. It is the third highest falls in the province.

Looks like they were on a date~

Eighth Location, Porteau Cove Provincial Park.

It is located on the Howe Sound fjord.


My bro is bringing his sexy back~ (With the stupid orange ball again)

Guess that my dad managed to find a good spot to record us! Haha!

Cool dude. Any takers?

Seriously... I looked so stun to see the camera.

Loving right?

Brave little bird didn't fly off just because we were approaching it.

90s pose. (Guy version)

90s pose. (Girl version)

Yah, I punched my bro~ [Flexing muscles]

Gorgeous photo right? Sun rays shining through a hole in the cloud with a bird flying in the sky~

Returning back to our hotel!

Back at our hotel. Since this was the last day of Vancouver, we just randomly took picture of this iconic sculpture at the hotel entrance. Haha! Dad was pretty drained out after driving for a day. Road trips are fun for people who are slacking in the back seat (Eg. Me). :) Alright, Coming up soon, ALASKA!!!


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