Monday, July 15, 2013

Vancouver: Part 1

Prepare for the new awesome-ness guys. My family decided to challenge themselves by making this a FREE & EASY TRIP and the thing is we are heading towards Vancouver/Alaska/Seattle. (NOT JUST Neighboring countries, NO...) I'm proud to have a brother who has an interest in planning itinerary and thanks to his good persuading-skills, he managed to convince my parents (especially my dad) to go for this trip without joining tour groups. I got to say that he and his friend, Edmund, did a really great job planning so anybody interested in having your own Free & Easy trip itinerary, CONTACT MY BRO. Then, prepare some cash for the one and only itinerary that you can get your hands on~ :p HEEHEE! Two main benefits that we gained: We went to places that tour groups doesn't do AND we SAVE TONS OF MONEY and yet, we took the same cruise (With balcony rooms) and look at the same sceneries (we cover more sceneries and some even better ones) as those tour groups that do offer an Alaska tour! Okay, enough crapping, gonna post the photos that I took and you guys judged it for yourself! :) LET'S START THE BALL ROLLINGGGG~

14th June, Transit at Korea.

Resting at Hotel Queen Incheon Airport for the next 12 hours before taking the plane again.

After almost 6 hours of flight, time to munch on some LOTTE 'ladies-they-call-it' BURGER. It's DAMN GOOD! But I may be bias towards it because I was pretty hungry at that time...

Exhausted us. Luckily we got free transport from Incheon Airport to our Hotel.

Cui me after suffering from air-sickness and thinking that I had to fly again drives me NUTS.

The Smallest sink I've seen in my life.

Surrounding of our hotel.


Lunch at nearby Korean local restaurant after a few hours of sleep. Language barrier so we had to *point point* picture of the food and say "ONE~".

Don't you love Korean's side dishes?!

Ordered this spicy seafood steamboat kinda thing and it's AFFORDABLE and DELICIOUS~

Day 1, Vancouver.

Arrived at Vancouver International Airport at around 1245 noon (Time difference: 15 hours behind Singapore) and my dad's friends came to pick us up! They were very friendly~

The first photo that I took. Amazed by their Starbucks Drive-thru!

Checking into our hotel, "Century Plaza & Spa".

Share room with my parents and this was our SUITE. :)

There's even kitchen which we wouldn't even use.

Room view of Downtown, Vancouver.

Didn't notice that there was a pigeon chilling on the railing!

Pretty big yeah?

St. Paul Hospital.

My dad's friend brought us to his house and his place was very cosy~

The view from the back of his house! Mountains and cool air~ I really wish I could stay there so that I could avoid the hectic lifestyle that we have in Singapore. But the only bad thing was black bears from the mountains actually visited their house! NO JOKE. It's very dangerous and they ate the fruits from their garden...

When I first stepped into the house, I actually thought that this dog was real.


They treated us to seafood dinner and that's all for the first JETLAG day! Thanks to them we had free accommodation at Seattle too! YAY~ Cheers to them!! :)

Day 2, Vancouver streets.

Taking the public bus to our next location!

At the bus-stop of Nelson Street. Tip: If you are not very sure when to alight, tell the bus driver! They are nice people and they will announce your destination when it reaches.

First location, Granville Island.

Look at the cute strawberry truck!

Granville Island is a hotspot for tourists so be sure to check it out!

False Creek. Separates downtown from the rest of the city.

Finding our way to Public Market.

Granville Island, Public Market.

Fresh food everywhere~

You will never get this sorta fresh and cheap fruits in Singapore...

Food that caters to Asians can be found even though you are in Vancouver.

Glazed doughnuts!

Suitable those with Sweet tooth.

Decided to try this store's tea because it's natural and they will mix the tea on the spot!

The taste was pretty unique so this is a like-it-or-hate-it drink.

Chowder with bread.

Our breakfast! I remember one of them was OYSTER burger...

Anyway, YUMMY BURGERS especially the one with oysters.

Mum still trying adjust her body clock~ Look at her tired face. Haha!

A clearer view of False Creek.

Adorable little boat! It does look like a toy boat!!

Enjoying the view and weather while on the tiny boat. :)

Mixture of high-rise buildings and...

Small cottage houses.

Spotted not one rainbow in the sky

BUT TWO. Even the locals were like, "WOW! Haven't seen this before!". Rare moments~

We immediately call it the mini-version of Northern Lights. Ha!!

Wanna hop onto my private boat?? YAH... DREAM ON~

Alighted at Yale Town.

Second Location, Yale Town, Biking Excursion.

Renting our bikes from "Reckless the Bike Store". Price wise: $8.25/hr

Trying to pick out a bike that SUITS MY HEIGHT! Goodness...

Thanks to the pretty girl (reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence) standing between those two lucky and happy boys, we were all set! She was so polite and helpful~

In Vancouver, you have to wear a helmet when cycling. Yes. It's COMPULSORY.

Hahaha!!! Our first time cycling in a foreign country! Great experience!

We will be cycling and exploring Stanley Park via the bicycle seaside route.

Cycling with our jackets on. Like-a-boss.

Bought these Black Raspberry from the Public Market earlier.

Mama's little boy~

Pass by this lake filed with goose and swans.

Trying to approach it without alerting but fail badly...

Waddle along guys~

Swan hiding in it's own feathers. Must be pretty warm and comfortable down there eh?

Third Location, Totem Poles at Stanley Park.

This is the most visited tourist attraction in BC.

Another rare moments. This is known as a 22 degree halo or sun halo, the ring surrounding the sun is caused by the ice crystals in cirrus clouds within earth's atmosphere. The crystals bend direct sunlight, projecting elsewhere into the sky. And you can only see the halo at a certain angle which is 22 degree.

Stack em' up~

Cute us? :x

A view of the Lions Gate Bridge.

A life size bronze statue of a woman in wet suit. It is known as the "Girl in Wetsuit" and amazingly, it's a landmark for visitors. Hahaha!

Below the "Lions Gate Bridge", a suspension bridge that connects from the City of Vancouver to City of North Vancouver, and West Vancouver.

Another landmark of Stanley Park, the "Siwash Rock". A 32 million year old sea stack (rock outcropping).

Sorry guys. But I have to stop here! Haven't gotten my hands on the rest of the photos from Edmund. My camera's battery decides to die on me halfway through. Okay! There's MORE beautiful pictures to come so please be sure to check out the next post! :)


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