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Bangkok 2012: Part 3

Continuation of Day 4, Ancient City...

Please BEAR WITH ME... Just a few more temples left and I've minimize the amount of pictures that I'm gonna post~

My mum's CREATIVE idea was to stick my fake eyes lashes on her own sunglasses when I took them off.

Like how they use bright colored mosaics to build their temples.

Buddha's huge feet.

Ring ding dong, Ring ding dong, Ring-ding-a-ling-ling-ling... AH! Continue the song yourself if you know what I'm singing.

The Garden of Gods where you find out which god you belong to by looking at the DAY (Monday-Sunday) you were born.

My bro belongs to the god of Saturday. (Considered the god of difficulty. The people who are born under the influence of Saturn are believed to fall easily into grieve, despair, and difficulties)

Dad, Edmund and me belongs to the god of Friday. (A tutor of the gods. He is the god of Beauty and Love.) I remember our tour guide saying that we could be ACTORS. HEEHEE.

Sis and boyfriend belongs to the god of Thursday. (Corresponds to Jupiter, tutor of the gods and god of wisdom and eloquence.)

Lunch in Ancient City's Floating Market

Random lunch place before exploring the rest of Ancient City.

Thai's food serving are usually very small.

2 more temples to go! HAHAHA!

Wonder how they design the ceilings of all these temples. I would sprain my neck if I were to do the job.

Visiting this small-scale reproduction of "Khao Pra Viharn", a mountain-top temple on the Cambodian border.

Inception peek-a-boo pose

It's the climb~

Photo from the highest point in Ancient City!

A Model (Sis) and an awkward me

Shall post my 'Cute' face first before my pretty sis...

Ta-dah~ This is what I call prett-ay!

Striking a pose again

Hunk = bro

Ha! Bro doing his 'odd' actions...

Muang Boran's Second Location, Erawan Museum.

Our private transport for the whole day. Can you spot "Psy doing Gangnam Style" Sticker?

I bet this is better than Chatuchak Coconut Ice cream! THIS WAS DAMN GOOD.

The well-known gigantic three headed elephant museum!

Step into the beautiful Erawan Museum~ It consist of three-seperate floors. The basement, whereby photography was not allowed, represents the underworld. There were rare artifacts on display and details on the history and construction of Erawan museum. As for this level, it depicts the human world.

Cute detailed statue found near the stairs! Say CHEESE~

My Cheeky Sister

Where was she AIMING?!?!

Temple for Guan Yin.

Candid shot ! :)

Looking out from the elephant's... Erm... belly? I've forgotten! Oops! But it's definitely from the elephant's somewhere!

The third and last level, "Second heaven where Indra resides". Quoted from Wiki. Heh~

Two Golden Buddha Statues.

What are these people doing? Well, they say that your wish will come true only if you could place the coin in an upright position!

Not sure what this means but I found it adorable!

Alright! Done with Erawan Museum!

Random photo of M.E.

Happy mum with her HUGE "kolopok". That's what WE (Singaporeans) call it cause it really does look like "Kolopok"! Not sure about the actual name.

Surprisingly, it has a sweet taste!

We bought it from them, outside Erawan museum too. The way they make it was pretty cool!

We have finally come to the end of our day tour! I bet you guys have seen enough temples on my blog yeah? HAHA! We were like... "NO MORE TEMPLES FOR OUR NEXT TRIP TO THAILAND"! But it was all worth it as we love visiting new places (and not just crazy shopping at Platinum mall~) and we learnt a lot from our tour guide! He was really good at explaining the history to us. Better than the previous guide we had... :X

Dinner at (Should be) Central World Plaza, a last minute decision.

Whoo~ Balloons!!

Randomly walked into a Japanese restaurant and ate RAMEN.

Good girl gone bad
End of our tiring day! :)

Day 5, Breakfast beside Glow Pratunam.

You wouldn't believe that this wanton mee stall received lots of good reviews! Serving was WAY TOO SMALL to fill our tummy and it's not as good as we expected it to be.

Last day to SHOP! Lunch at Platinum Mall~

Dinner place at, Ban Khun Mae.

Address: 458/6-9 Siam Square Soi 8, Rama 1 Road, Patumwan District.

POPULAR restaurant as you could see from the crowd.

Prawns in Chili.

I think this was the red curry.

To be honest, I think the food was good but not fantastic. I still LOVE THONKEUNG!

At least, the restaurant was near MANGO TANGO! Yippee~

Still loving their superb fresh mangoes!

On our way to Paragon


The loving couple~

Best buddies.

Everybody's drinking tons of beer for the night!


Yes. It was very crowded.

Strange Mannequins huh?

Merry-Go-Round decoration placed inside the mall.

4Dx movie at Paragon Cineplex.

Booked tickets to watch a 4Dx movie! Have you ever been to Universal Studio's Shrek 4D Ride? Yeah, it's similar except that now, you will be experiencing movements, water, wind, smell and many more while watching a 1hour plus movie!

Why do they have so many cute designs just for the Popcorn Buckets?!

To Wenlin: They got Doraemon Popcorn buckets too! Wanted to buy it but Doraemon was sold out. Left the "Ah fu". Eeeew...

This was the movie that we were watching!

"Wreck It Ralph"

"Copy Cat" Pose.

Paparazzi "hunting" down the celebrity photo.

Didn't get this popcorn combo either. Why? Cause they only got "Felix". :(

Here we are! Our theatre.

Found on the seat in front of you is the water-spurting machine and maybe smell too~

back speakers and air machine. Beware: They do have a "leg tickler" underneath your seat you may get kicked in the back/butt too.

Strong wind created by the fans found above.

If you were to go Thailand to watch a movie, remember that they would play their national anthem before every movie so you gotta respect and stand too while they are sing.

Everybody HAS TO TRY IT as it was pretty awesome! I like it!! For the price you are paying, you could only watch 3D movies in Singapore! SO IT'S SUPER WORTH IT. The movements and the timing of all the effects were very synchronized! Just a reminder that if you do buy food in, Good luck and be careful! The chairs WILL MOVE and sometimes it may be quite rough so your popcorn and pepsi may just... spill or even FLY~ I didn't buy it so I couldn't tell you if that really happened. Haha! Oh! By the way, I wouldn't recommend watching a 2hour plus movie in 4Dx.

Here's a little video to show you what's it like!

YAY! And that will be all for this Bangkok Trip! Hope you guys find my blog useful even if it's providing you guys with like only 1% of information/tips~ Next post, Vancouver/Alaska/Seattle trip. YOU GUYS READY FOR IT?!


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