Monday, July 29, 2013

Alaska: Part 5

Day 7, Arrived at Juneau.

Yay! The second port that we would be exploring in Alaska!

Cruise provided free shuttle bus to Central Juneau as you can see from the photo, our ship was docked at a port situated a little further away from Central Juneau. (Just 5 minutes drive away)

The Mount Roberts Tramway. We decided to skip this activity due to time constraint.

Reached Downtown Juneau. Anyway, Juneau is the capital city of Alaska and has a population of about 30,000.

"Alaska Shirt Company", a shop where you can purchase affordable souvenirs from.

Almost all the souvenir shops we have been to has a black bear statue at the entrance.

Love the cute knitted hats I found in the souvenir shop but I won't get a chance to wear it in humid Singapore...

Thought that I could only see bright yellow bus in cartoons~

Lunch Takeaway from "Red Dog Saloon".

Looks really wild wild west sort of concept?

Wonderful environment for photo taking! They even had sandy ground... Too bad we couldn't dine in because we had to go for our private tour.

While waiting for our food, my dad decided to try on his new cap from the souvenir shop.

A Scenic Ride to Auke Bay Boat Harbor.

We joined the Harv and Marv’s Private Whale Watching tour. They do provide free transportation and so, they picked us up from Downtown Juneau and drove us to our whale watching destination. But first, a photo stop!

Glacier, you guys will get to see TONS of glaciers soon~

First Location, Auke Bay Boat Harbor.

This was our captain, Liz! :) She did a great job in locating the whales because she was the one informing the other captains on the whereabouts of the whales. And she was also knowledgable about wildlife and that area.

A private boat just for us~ It was big enough for 5 people so no complains!

Alright, let's FIND SOME WHALES!

Besides looking out for the wildlife, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery too! Sorry but I do not know how to differentiate glaciers so I won't be able to tell you which glacier is which, but I do know that there's a handful of glaciers around that area.

Best thing about having a private boat, the entire boat is YOURS so you could choose to stand in the front or at the back of the boat without squeezing with people!

(GIF of two photos) FIRST HUMPBACK WHALE SPOTTED after like 10 minutes or so? It was pretty far from our boat but we were already so hyped up after finding the first whale!

This photo was cropped out so that you guys can get a clearer view of the whale! It's FEASTING on small fishes!

This photo was cropped out too.

No cropping done for the following photos because this curious whale LOVED US SO MUCH that it kept swimming nearer, and nearer to us~

You can actually hear the sound of the blow and it's visible from a distance and this is the technique to spot a whale in the open sea.

AND TADAH~ OUR NEAREST ENCOUNTER WITH A WHALE! IT WAS DAMN, DAMN NEAR TO US and before it came up, it made some huge waves that rocked our little boat! I guess we were pretty lucky that day! :)

Up-close of the whale's throat grooves.

YAY! A Rare moment~ If you didn't see the whale's tail, YOU HAVEN'T SEEN A WHALE.

When we thought that we could witnessed the whale lifting it's tail for the SECOND TIME...


Sorry but I could not upload the video for you guys to see because 'permission denied' by my brother.

A sample of the whale's Baleen that can be found in their mouth and acts like a filter system.

Had the chance to see some seals and an bald eagle too!

Last picture for our 3 hour whale-watching tour! It's an amazing experience for all of us as this is our first time having an up-close view of a whale in an open sea! This trip was very, very exciting and fun indeed! Thanks to Liz too for efficiently finding the whale! :)

Second Location, Mendenhall Glacier.

They dropped us off at Mendenhall Glacier and you got two options. You can either stay at this place and go back to Downtown Juneau yourself or re-board the tour bus back to Downtown Juneau after a 20 minutes grace period so that you will also have some time to walk around and take some photos before heading back. Well, we chose to stay!

Mendenhall Glacier is a glacier about 12 miles (19 km) long.

Look at the chunks of icebergs floating in the sea.

Hahaha! Pardon us for looking so tired~

Let's start hiking!

Walking along the "Nugget Falls Trail". An easy trail for my parents that took around... 20-25 minutes.

Found another massive iceberg.

Beautiful view of both Mendenhall Glacier and Nugget Falls.

This is A MUST-HIKE-TO LOCATION! No regrets, no regrets~

I've never been so close to a waterfall and it felt so INCREDIBLE!


My mum was reluctant to climb up the rock at first but after she did, she was like, "WOW! I LOVE THIS PLACE!".

Who says you can't grab hold of an Iceberg?!

Or even LICK IT?!

Snacking at Tracy's King Crab Shack.

Yay! Dad managed to catch hold of some crabs for us!! (Lame me -.-)

Time to taste some of the Alaskan CRABS.

A stack King Crab legs~

For first timers at Tracy's King Crab Shack, you can order the "Crab Shack Combo" that comes with one King crab leg, 8 ounce crab bisque and four crab cakes. Cost around 32usd.

The Crab Cake. Looks like nuggets yeah?

Crab Bisque to share.

Dungeness Crab. It cost around 20+usd for the whole crab. This is only available in late june and it was DAMN GOOD. My whole family LOVES IT. We would definitely recommend to this place for those who are craving for some crabs! Reasonable price for really fresh crabs!

Desserts at "Alaskan Crepe Escape".

The Nutella and Marshmallows Crepe. Recommended by them! You should try if you love sweet stuff!

Back in Our Cruise for Dinner.

Oops. Not sure what this dish is called.

Pan-seared Sea Trout.

Chicken Breast in Kung Pao Sauce.

English Trifle.

Strawberry Sherbet.

Our room had an elephant towel.

While my bro and ed's room was a crab towel.

My overall impression for Juneau: We missed this place dearly. Especially the whale-watching, Nugget falls and Tracy's Crab Shack! Lots of activities to offer in Juneau and the sceneries and food are just... lovely~



  1. Oh wow, we will definitely hike to the glacier and nugget falls! How long did it take to get there and back?

    1. Hello again! Walking there leisurely plus taking photos at the waterfall, you will at least need 1 hour to 1 and a half hours. (approximately 30 mins to and 30 mins back) :)