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Bangkok 2012: Part 2

Day 3, Lunch at Pantaree Restaurant.

Okay... I wouldn't call it a restaurant but a one-shop-mini-hawker. A friend recommended this particular shop's local food so... we decided to give it a try!

This shop is VERY DISTINCTIVE cause of the bright purple theme.

Get what I mean? Look at the purple walls~

One chef operation.

For those with huge appetite, the portion here are pretty small. (Just like the place)

Yes I know. Nothing special about the dishes what.

And you're right! It's normal and we wouldn't visit it again... In our opinion, affordable price, yes, but portion was way too small for sharing and the taste of the food was really just, fine. Would rather pay a little more for better food like MK. (OOPS)

On our way to shop at Terminal 21~! Sorry. Didn't have time to camwhore or take any photos at Terminal 21 so if you're really interested about Terminal 21, you can look at my previous BKK post! :)

Dinner at Thonkueng Restaurant.

Our ALL-TIME FAVORITE RESTAURANT. Compulsory dinner location for us.

SUPERB FRESH OYSTER. Ordered 2 oysters but my sister couldn't wait any longer and... *slurps*~ The first fat oyster, DISAPPEARED JUST LIKE THAT.

Still gonna take pictures of those dishes that we had ordered!

This fish with the green sauce... BEST.

Overflowing vegetables covering a huge fish beneath.

WHOO~ Gotta love this place if you're a seafood lover.

For those who are tempted by me to visit this awesome restaurant, Here's the Address:
239 Soi Thonglor 13, Sukhumvit 55, Klongton-nua

Desserts at Seenspace, Roast Cafe.

A community mall with a handful amount of cafes and restaurants.

Here we are! Roast Cafe. They are, of course, known for their coffees.

"Recycled" vintage thread-machine table legs. Hahaha! Not a bad design right?

Randomly taking interesting stuff that caught my eye.

Looking through the newspaper look-alike menu.

While waiting for our desserts and drinks to be serve... SMILE~

I will try and take note of the names of ALL dishes from now on! I promise!

Signature dessert! Strawberry Waffle with a scoop of vanilla ice-crem by the side.

Worth a try!!!

Comparing with the previous dessert, for both taste and appearance, this chocolate lava loses.

This was pretty darn good too!! Most of us chose this over the waffle.

Overall, Roast cafe has great ambience and it's a great chill-out place with fantastic coffee. Desserts are nice but not the best. Ohya, it's a good cafe for photo taking too!

Day 4, Day tour to Muang Boran.

Had to wake up real early and get our own breakfast before heading towards our location.

Yes. I'm satisfied with my Starbucks Vanilla Latte!

Cheerful sis getting all pumped up for the day tour!

Mini private bus was provided. Well, this time, we managed to book with "Tour with Tong"! A very famous and well-known group that is highly-recommended by lots of tourists because of their friendly and informative guides.

First destination, Ancient City.

One of the world's largest outdoor museums that features 109 scaled-down copies of Thailand’s most famous monuments and architectural attractions.

Let's start spamming photos~ :)

A buddha without lower body was found in sucha awkward spot.

Entering the 'marketplace'.

Colorful store selling lots of old school toys.

Slowly bit by bit, they craft out the art piece. Lots of patience required.

"Hello, we're the crazy people~"

Kids having their school excursion in this big ancient city. Hope they learn something educational besides riding a bicycle.

Vintage Hair Salon.

"Do you want a HAIR CUT?!"

Shadow Puppet Show's huge puppets.

This is how they package their hard liquor in olden days... Vodka, anybody?

(Disclaimer: Please do not try this at home) Two people having fun with drugs in broad daylight.

This is what happens when you inhale too much. So, Children, SAY NO TO DRUGS!

Snacks and candies for sale.

A smaller version of Erawan. You will get to see an ENORMOUS one when we visit the museum later.

Look at the details on this structure.

Rows and rows of buddha made with different materials.

This buddha was the most interesting. It's actually a "Sitting buddha in the posture of Suffering". Look at the protruding bones.

Buddha's gigantic feet.

Our guide told us that the people constructed this art piece LAYER by LAYER. Impressive right? If I'm not wrong, there's like 7 layers in total. Sorry but you can't really see clearly the different unique layers in this photo.

Rare sighting: A bird resting on the buddha hand. Is it some sort of sign from heaven?!

Do you know that there's a story behind the beautiful structure of the roof? I forgot the full story told by our guide (Teehee) by I know it's between "Narayana" and "Garuda". Garuda is the long bird thingy on the tip of the roof.

And this will be "Narayana", Vedic Supreme God.

The Audience Hall of Thon Buri.

Inside the King's bedchamber.

Artistic bed frame for the King.

King's platform in the Audience Hall.

Furniture decorated with pearl~

We were told not to go up for photo-taking. It's disrespectful.

Well, then we will just take from below lah!

Majestic Palace.

Cute Mum just enjoying the architectures. Or maybe just stoning~

This person wouldn't know that something BIG was going to happen to him.

HE BECAME THE KING! I may become a billionaire in the future. No one knows~ :)

Mum getting tired from the excursion and the HOT WEATHER. We picked the wrong timing to go Bangkok again. The temperature was between 25 degree to 35 degree.

My Pretty sister, my model~

Back into the scotching sun.

Renovation in progress. I just realize that all of them were girls! Yeah, they need girls. They are more organized and attentive.

Pardon my lion mane.

Rainbow lanterns. (That's what I call them)

Alright. Gotta stop here or else, you guys will start to get really restless. I agree that the palaces looks kinda similar... But, trust me, there's still so much more to Ancient city! (P.S. I'm sorry if there's not much information on each palaces we visited cause I couldn't find a proper Ancient City map!) Next post: Exploring another few more spots in Ancient City and we shall move on to the next trip which is, Erawan museum. We will be watching a 4D movie too! Ta-ta! :)


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