Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bangkok 2012 Again

I'm finally back to post about my second Bangkok trip in 2012! :) P.S. Sorry for the long delay. Alright! Let's start the ball rolling~

Leaving Singapore for Bangkok on 26th Dec

Manage to get cheap deals for Cathay Pacific this time round~

First Shopping District: Asiatique

Decided to take the BTS train to Saphan Taksin followed by a boat service to Asiatique. Reason: HORRIBLE TRAFFIC JAM if you take a cab down at approximately 5plus to 6pm. Experience it ourselves when we head down for the second time. Stuck in the jam for at least 2 hours plus! Avoid this jam because trust me, you will get damn frustrated.

Just a short 10mins boat ride to Asiatique.

Reached Asiatique, the Riverfront. An open air concept shopping district like Chatuchak except that it only opens from 5pm - midnight and it doesn't feel as cramp and humid as Chatuchak. Great place to buy unique stuff for yourself and friends.

Very well-decorated restaurants, cafes and shops. YES! I bookmarked this cafe for the next trip. Cafe-hopping recommended!

We initially planned to have dinner at this Japanese restaurant but the portion was kinda small. And so...

Ko Dang Talay

Here we are! This seafood restaurant managed to attract our attention.


Quench your thirst with their fruity ice blended smoothie~

Ah ha~ A dish of normal cabbages.

Normal Egg.

I totally forgot the name for this dish. Looks like there's only prawns in it!

Really Spicy Tom Yam Soup. Don't order this if you can't stand spicy food.

Fresh juicy fish.

Overall, great ambience, reasonable price and tasty food. Not sure if I'm being bias here cause I was STARVING when the food was served.

Tired us after meal...

Exploring Asiatique! Us being typical tourists, decided to get a stamp/chop on our paper and keep it as souvenir.

Gigantic Ferris Wheel

This was taken inside the Ferris Wheel. Foreigners need to pay 250 baht to get a better view of Bangkok City. :)

Just a random something found on the floor.

Cute Graffiti Wall.

Ohyah... This guy stole our limelight! He pose better than both of us!

Most of the stores here would not be available elsewhere. We did ask the store owners if they sell their products at Platinum malls. Most of them said, "No. We got shops here and at Chatuchak only~"

Hahaha! What a cute and unique apron! Though it may be a little disturbing for kids...

Colorful macaroons for sale~

This place is filled with instagram-ing spots. Great destination to spam photos.

Pink Cotton Candy!!

Look at what we've found while walking around! Say hi to "CUTIE"! (A temporary name that I have given it)

Look at the amount of people being entertained by cutie!

We have to take it from different angle! OMG...



I wish my dog was as tame as her... -.-

The owner was super friendly. She actually allow us to carry, hug and take photo with it! Rare right?!

My too-exhausted-to-walk mum~ :)

Found another literally TINY chihuahua! Too bad~ I couldn't capture it's face.

End of Day 1, back to GLOW Hotel.

Decided to try this particular hotel called "Glow Pratunam". It has been receiving loads of good reviews though it may not be as posh as Amari Watergate. It's just opposite Platinum mall and has soft bed and comfy pillow. The only flaw was the air conditioning. My brother's room was way too cold even though they had adjusted the temperature to like 30 degrees.


A wardrobe that both toilet and the room could access. No Peeking~


Day 2, Platinum Mall.

A small bowl of noodles for breakfast.

Just look at those happy faces while choosing necklaces. Shopping = HEAVEN.

Guys enjoying their cappuccino while the ladies shop~

Lunch at Central World, Coca Restaurant.

Coconut drink.

Ingredients for steamboat.

COCA VS MK. MK wins.

Dessert at Amor.

You can find this shop at Central World cinema level. They sell awesome cakes that you will CRAVE for it.

They are famous for their original "Mille Crêpes" with strawberry sauce but they sold out that day. Ordered the chocolate flavored one in the end and my sister and mum's favorite coconut cake. Their cakes are not sweet at all so no worries and they are so soft and tender~~~

The Coconut Cake.

After some serious shopping...

Taking a cab down to a Thai seafood restaurant. Surprise to see two heads popping out from the front seat?

You wouldn't believe how we squeezed into the back seat. (My dad can still fall asleep when my mum was sitting on his lap. HA!) 7 people in a small cab excluding the cab driver of course. This means that we are all skinny people! Yippee! :p When the cab driver said that he knew where our dinner place was and allow us to squeeze into his cab, we were like "hmm... this cab driver damn nice." BUT WE WERE TOTALLY WRONG ABOUT HIM. He brought us to this damn glam seafood restaurant which obviously serves real bad food so that they could cheat tourists money! You know right. Hungry man is an angry man so we get off the cab and decided to ask people for directions. Luckily, the place was like 15 mins walk away if not we would have smashed his cab... Alright. I'm joking~ No balls to do it too.

Dinner at Kuang Sea Foods

Browsing through their menu, looking out for appealing dishes.

Or Suan, Sizzling Oyster Omelette.

If I'm not wrong, this is called Yellow Curry Crab. Best dish among the rest!

An average restaurant. Read people's blog post about how nice the restaurant was but to us, it was just alright. Enjoyed the curry crab and fish. However, the price was indeed very reasonable.

Night Market near Baiyoke Sky

One of the nearer Night Market around our hotel. Manage to walk there within 15-20 minutes.

Spot the Gangnam style shirt.

You can find very common clothing, shoes and fake "branded" stuff here at a cheaper price. Anyway, this is our very first Night Market so we were just there to look around and soak in the atmosphere. That's all! Alright! End of Day Two and I shall stop here. Day three would be up ASAP (I hope). Stay tuned! ^^



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