Friday, September 14, 2012

Turkey Trip: Part Four

Day 5, Aspendos

Fourteenth Destination, Unknown location which was not stated on our itinerary.

Start of a brand new day!

Forgot the history behind this particular arch. So... just let your imagination run free!

Fifteenth Destination, Aspendos Theatre

Entrance to the magnificent Theatre.

The best preserved Roman Theatre in Turkey.

Dangerous Spectators seats. Why? Imagine climbing up the stairs that HAS-NO-RAILINGS! And what's worse? Watching a night show. Yes~ you have to climb those crazy stairs WITHOUT LIGHT.

Mum afraid of the scorching sun and also, height. Therefore, she ain't climbing those stairs...

Pretty model pose.

Awkward penguin pose.

Job of guy wearing 'Roman' outfit: Grab a tourist to take some candid shots photos with him. And then, you pay to get the photos as souvenir. What's new? Oh well! The guy got me and I bought them...

Oh yeah~ We could see everything from up here.

[Top view]

1,2,3, Not only you and me~

Caption for this picture: Evil queen and Joker.

Sixteenth Destination, Manavgat River Cruise

Ready to board our boat and travel upstream!

Water slide on a boat into the sea?! How cool is that!

A Perfect shot taken by ME! Of course~ [wink]

The brown boat kinda reminds me of a basket.

They do have lots of pirate ships...

In different shapes and sizes.

Notice that the water changes color?

This is where the coastal plain river meets the Mediterranean Sea.

Alright! Get the chance to step on Turkey Sands! But it's not soft at all...

Strong winds = Me getting Medusa hairstyle.

Lunch onboard! The fresh caught fish was Yummyz~

Seventeenth Destination, Manavgat Waterfall.

Postcard-look-alike photo.

Look what we found! Turkish Ice-cream!

Friendly turkey people. :)

Danger Zone: When ordering turkish ice-cream. Cause they will definitely make a fool out of you!

Unfortunately, my sis was pulled in... Hahaha!

By the way, he smacked the ice-cream onto our faces before giving them to us.

Eighteenth Destination, Side Old town.

The streets of Side. (Pronounce as See-Deh. Not Side.)

Visiting the ruin of Temple of Apollo.

Mum not paying attention to our local guide's explanation~

Trying very hard to stop my hair from flying all over my face.

Top of the RUIN.

My brother had to carry her up for this shot. Haha!!

Another pretty model shot taken! :)

Come on. Each one grab a spot!

Such a cutie! She poses for the camera~

Made in Turkey, Efes Beer. Thought that we wouldn't have the chance to drink it again and guess what?! Singapore's NTUC sells them and my refrigerator is filled with them.

Their so-called, 'Ma-ma' shop.

Souvenir shops along Side Streets.

Stayed at the same hotel for two nights. Stay with me guys because the most exciting part of this trip is coming soon~! Last two stops before returning back to boring Singapore. Konya and Cappadocia. Always leave the best for the last right?