Monday, August 13, 2012

Turkey Trip: Part Two

Day 2, Canakkale

Günaydın (Good morning/Good day)! Rise to a brand new day! Taking pictures at our hotel, which is... by the beach.

Name of our first hotel, Hotel Iris.

Fourth Destination, Ruins of Ancient Troy

Picture taking time with this gigantic Trojan Horse.

Climbed all the way up and into the Trojan Horse. Had to be really careful with your head especially for tall people like me! Heehee! :x

Our local guide when we were at Turkey. We call her Öz and she's damn good. A really caring and thoughtful guide with EVERY SINGLE piece of information about Turkey inside her head. [round of applause]

Anyway, Troy is added to the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Each of us was provided with a headset so that all of us could hear the tour guide even though we may not be near her. A great idea by Dynasty Travel.

Let's Camouflage!

Focus on the cat...

It started saying-ing itself on my dad's bag pack! So cute please... And my dad just continue packing his stuff. Haha!

Either my sister was trying to picture how it looked like before it was being destroyed or she's just stoning. I will pick the... second choice!!!

You got to have good imagination when you visit ruins like this. Well, not sure if it will be a good or bad news to you guys if I said that Turkey has lots of ruins for tourist to visit.

Another kitty in action.

Love Modeling for me on the fence.

Loving this adorable photo!

If I didn't remember wrongly, this is the place whereby they sacrifice animals for the gods they believed in.

Amphitheater of Troy.

Lunch in between the 2 Hours Drive to Bergama

Cappy Cherry drink or should I say crappy? It was too sweet! Never ordered this drink again.

Didn't take any photo of the food cause we had a pretty normal buffet lunch and the waiters were 'over-friendly'. Two of them kept following me and my sister around... Freaky~ They even called my dad and mum parents-in-law. Ha.Ha.Ha.

Fifth Destination, Pergamon

Boarding the cable car to the site of Ancient Pergamon. (When you see the word "Ancient", yes, you are going to see more half-destroyed stone structures and architecture! Yay!)

The one on the left was our Singapore tour guide, Florence. She's really friendly, thoughtful and caring too! Lucky to have her as our guide!

Puppies found cuddling up together. Cute to the max!

Entrance to Pergamon.

City view from up there...

Temperature was between 38 degrees to 40 degrees. And it's not the hottest temperature we've encountered in Turkey.

Temple of Trajan.

Theatre of the Pergamon Acropolis.

Oops! Unglam hairstyle~

While buying souvenir, the owner just put this cap onto my sister's head. Nice or what?

Back on the cable car. Get ready for the next destination!

Sixth Destination, Ancient Ephesus

After 3 hours plus drive to Selcuk, we reached Ephesus! One of the largest and most outstanding archeological site in existence.

A small theatre known as Odeon.

The name "Nike" and the logo of Nike derived from this particular statue. This is the "Greek goddess of victory".

These looked just like Chocolate bars.

Still could see the design of the floor tiles

The Temple of Hadrian. One of the best preserved structure at Ephesus.

And that's Medusa.

This is the Library of Celsus. It was built to store 12,000 scrolls and to serve as a monumental tomb for Celsus.

Once again... Another stray cat having the whole platform to itself.

What's this?! Alright! Lesson time. This is a ancient time kind of map. They carved it on the floor and for this map, it is trying to tell you that you can find prostitutes (which is represented by the heart with lots of holes/polka dots) on your left hand side (which is represented by the left feet) just up ahead.

The theater is the most magnificent structure in Ephesus ancient city.

One last look of the Ephesus Theatre.

Our Second Hotel Check-in

Name of the Hotel: Hotel Fine Bay Marina.

There's a living room?!

Beautiful view from our room!

That's all for the second day! Yes. Visited lots of ruins for the second day but don't worry... The 'scenery' gets better and better each day~ Third day would be a short one and we will be traveling to Selcuk and Pamukkale!


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