Sunday, August 12, 2012

Turkey Trip

Merhaba People! (Merhaba: Hello in Turkish) Once again, I'm so sorry for posting this entry late. I promised you guys that I will share about my 12 Days Turkey trip on the previous entry yea? Alright! You will be looking at up to 800 photos of stunning sceneries and of course, me and my family pretty faces! So, Prepare yourself~

Day 1, Istanbul

After 10-11 hours of flight, we finally reached Istanbul!!! The largest city in Turkey~

Getting restless while waiting for our tour bus...

First destination, Hippodrome

Hippodrome is the center of chariot races during ancient Roman & Greco period. Yes. I just copied this entire sentence from our itinerary~

The German Fountain

Obelisk of Theodosius is the Ancient Egyptian Obelisk of Pharaoh Tutmoses III. Hence, you could see the Egyptian inscriptions on it.

Introducing my aunt! (who is a really great chef) She decided to tag along for this particular trip. :)

Instantly distracted by this Cool bread-stick that the guy was carrying with him. Not sure if its edible though...

Serpent Column. It is to commemorate the Greeks who fought and defeated the Persian Empire.

Just strolling around the area, finding good spots to take pictures.

A Bistro right at the corner.

The Walled Obelisk

Second Destination, Sultan Ahmed Mosque

Sultan Ahmed Mosque is also popularly known as Blue Mosque for the blue tiles adorning the walls of its interior.

Oops! This group shot photo is kinda bad... Where's my blue mosque?! I could only see that there's a bright green basket sticking out of the ground.

Entrance to the Mosque. Come~ One person at a time...

This is how the mosque looked like from the inside. Notice the blue tiles? I initially thought that it would be covered with blue tiles... Like literally BLUE blue! (Song-in-mind: Blue da-ber-ti-da-ber-da~)

Water tap found inside the mosque for ritual cleansing prior to prayers.

They gave me a scarf for exposing my arms?

Close-up views of the lamps

Third Destination, St. Sophia Church Museum

It is also known as Hagia Sophia. It is a 2000 years old church turned into mosque and current museum.

Very common bread found in Turkey. The name of this bread is called, "Simit" and it is covered with Sesame seeds.

Street foods like Breads and Corns can usually be found around touristy areas.

Admission ticket will be needed for most of the tourist attractions.

I guess that the nets are to prevent birds from flying in?

The Imperial Gate

Jesus Christ Mosaic found above the Imperial Gate.

The interior of Hagia Sophia.

Such a Grand-looking museum yeah?

On our way to the second storey of the museum. They build ramp instead of stairs to the second level. Lucky us~

Okay~ Nothing interesting on the second level so we just took a few photos and roll back down.

While we were just standing outside of the museum, munching away the remaining breads, these kittens came out of their hideouts.

Awwww~ so adorable! [plucked out a small piece of bread and fed them]

Day 1 Lunch

The restaurant we went to was right opposite of the beautiful sea.

Tomato soup


Beef with bread. Wasn't really enjoying it cause the beef smell was super strong. And, avoid those purple looking vegetables...

Boarded the Car Ferry Dock

4.5 hours bus ride to the Car Ferry Dock. We had to cross the Dardanelles (A narrow strait in northwestern Turkey connecting the Aegean Sea to the Sea of Marmara)to Canakkale for the night!

Buffet dinner at the hotel.

The resort-looking room.

We could see the sun setting and rising from our hotel~ :)

That's all for the first day! A random fact: First day of a trip is always the most exhausting and cui-looking day. Especially after a long-hour flight.
Okay! Next post, we go towards Troy, Pergamon and Kusadasi!



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