Friday, April 6, 2012

Walking down the memory lane

I feel so relieved that I've been keeping this blog alive till now. Its filled with beautiful and precious memories from the year 2007. Crazy times I had~ I have to admit. The words I used and the photos people had taken, one word to describe them, e-p-i-c! Hahaha! And you guys got to agree that I do dress better now man! Disastrous sense of style I had last time. Eeew. And I wonder why nobody stopped me from destroying myself. Was laughing to myself while looking through the old posts. All I can say is life's really too short, don't waste it by sitting around. Message to self: I'm going to get my lazy ass up and start looking for new, awesome and funny stuff to post! So that when I'm like 100 (only if I could live that long and BLOGGER could too), I can look back at the wonderful times I had with all my love ones. Not a bad idea right?! :) From now on, I shall also upload photos from my iPhone onto my blog! [nods head] Nowadays, iPhone = my everything. Not sure if I can survive without it cause I will probably suffer from depression! [inserting the :O emoji] Thanks to those people who has contributed to my blog by posing or the candid camera! Cheers!
P.S. next post would be "Amara Sanctuary Resort".

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