Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 Countdown

ALRIGHT PEOPLE! Let's start the 2012 COUNTDOWN!!!

Think I shall change my blog url to '' eh?

Hey! The main reason that my blog would suffer from this major lag-ness was because of studies! Yes. Have been rushing out loads of assignments and who can I blame? Myself. A lover of last-minute work... :)

So, where exactly did we go for countdown?

Shenton way

Decided to check out 2012's fireworks from an open field near the actual Channel 5 countdown stage. Surprisingly, the crowd were very well-prepared. All of them had their own picnic mats on the grass or should I say 'private seats'. And some even had RED WINE! [thumbs up]

Let me show you a few bad photos of the fireworks...

And when I thought that I finally captured a good one...

Smoke screen -.- The wind direction that night wasn't with us. Pollution covered our view and there's nothing we could do.

The Snapshots Corner

Let's CHEERS to a new beginning! I hope that 2012 would be a great year for you guys! HAPPY LATE LATE NEW YEAR! :))

Just to hao lian a little, my favorite photo that I've captured so far!

- Signing off -

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