Saturday, February 25, 2012

2 is the New Number

This was how I celebrated my 20th birthday with my family. Nothing extraordinary, just a simple get-together dinner at a nice restaurant and that's all I needed! :)

Clarke Quay, Tuk Lok.

You just can't deny that they have really tasty food.

One of my favs, Wasabi Prawns.

And, here comes the desserts...

Will try to take note of all the dishes' names in the future so that you guys will know what food I'm stuffing myself with... Come join the 'eat-to-your-fullest' club!

Bro trying his best to take an artistic shot of us

Sis addicted to her brand new iPhone 4S

Strolling along Clarke Quay + A cup of Gong Cha = Ahhhhhhh... Relaxing~

Wedges bought from Hong Kong

Eewww... Hatin my side look. But, whatever! As long as I can find my true prince charming. [imagination running wild]

Who cares about the "no waiting" signboard right?

Home Sweet Home

Let the cake cutting ceremony, commence!

Baobao (carried by my mum) kept photo-bombing me. Anyway, wish making in process!

Yay! Family LOVE~ <3

Poses immediately when you points your camera at her. That's my sis!

Enjoying the ice-cream cake!

And then, switching my focus to my game. Teehee!

All of the sudden, someone came to 'crash the party'! And that was...

Shiangg!!! <3

She just appeared at my doorstep with my pressie! So sweet can?

Every year, without fail, she will always give me a pretty handmade birthday card!

Baobao trying to figure out what the hell were we doing

And she gave up. [walks away]

Presenting: Two of our crazy photo shots

The youngest one in the family now. Yes. She took my position!

Me, still happily munching away the snack Shiangg brought.

Surrounding yourself with people you love is all that matters. I'm really grateful that I have such an amazing family and friends. Thank you very much!


Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 Countdown

ALRIGHT PEOPLE! Let's start the 2012 COUNTDOWN!!!

Think I shall change my blog url to '' eh?

Hey! The main reason that my blog would suffer from this major lag-ness was because of studies! Yes. Have been rushing out loads of assignments and who can I blame? Myself. A lover of last-minute work... :)

So, where exactly did we go for countdown?

Shenton way

Decided to check out 2012's fireworks from an open field near the actual Channel 5 countdown stage. Surprisingly, the crowd were very well-prepared. All of them had their own picnic mats on the grass or should I say 'private seats'. And some even had RED WINE! [thumbs up]

Let me show you a few bad photos of the fireworks...

And when I thought that I finally captured a good one...

Smoke screen -.- The wind direction that night wasn't with us. Pollution covered our view and there's nothing we could do.

The Snapshots Corner

Let's CHEERS to a new beginning! I hope that 2012 would be a great year for you guys! HAPPY LATE LATE NEW YEAR! :))

Just to hao lian a little, my favorite photo that I've captured so far!

- Signing off -