Monday, December 5, 2011

Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium

Do you know that there's a brand new attraction called "Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium" at Sentosa? As a Singaporean, you should have, at least, heard about it. If not, please do go update yourself!

Wondering if there is any interesting things that you could see? Look no further! Let me be your tour guide of the day. The details that I'm providing to you guys may be a little too brief. Or should I say, Short and Sweet?

Bao Chuan Show

This attractive large ship immediately caught our eyes when we enter the museum. No kidding.

The Souk (Ports of Calls). 8 ports for you to visit. Want to get a souvenir for free? Easy! Just take a so-called "passport" from the crew and you can start collecting stamps/chops when you visit each port!

They even invited people to greet you!

Okay~ They are all wax figurines! Can't imagine a real person posing like how the little boy does...

A little something for people to 'feel' the items. In other words, people with 'itchy hands'... [OOPS]

The Noah's Ark?! Can you spot the Giraffes?

Another main attraction of the museum, "Jewel of Muscat".

The story behind this ship is kinda interesting. (Don't expect me to write the entire 'bedtime' story here man! uh-uh~)

Looking at pretty artistic paintings.

This was one of my favorites. Bright colors attract me! Aiyaya~ I'm a little butterfly!! [flap away]

The last main attraction that everyone needs to go, the "Typhoon Theater". This was the entrance to the theater. Too bad I couldn't take any photos inside. Overall, the experience was better than I had expected! There's like 4D effect. Not bad!

To me, this is a 'one-time' trip (Definition: Visit once is enough) even though we might have missed out a few sections of the museum. However, we would definitely visit again once the Aquarium is ready. :)


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