Friday, December 30, 2011

Chronicles of Narnia at MBS

The initial plan was to 'explore' the world of Narnia at Marina Bay Sands.

The Narnia 'Land' was built on the Ice-skating rink. Singaporeans really do know how to make use of spaces. For example, the F1 night racing. Smart.

Just look at how excited my brother was! (The truth: He bought a Crumpler bag)

But to our disappointment, we heard that NO photography was allowed in the exhibition!!! YES!! It was a very, very MAJOR TURNOFF! Why set up grand statues and ice throne when visitors couldn't take a picture with it! Such a waste right?! For a moment, I thought I could be the "White Witch"...

Not that I'm evil but the throne really looked kinda cool what. Arghh!!

So, sadly, no walking into the Narnia's wardrobe for that night.

While strolling around MBS, we spotted pretty Christmas decoration along the Helix bridge! Luckily, there was still some stuff for us to take with.

Got the Postcard standard right?

Glowing dreamy-like reindeers.

Mission accomplished. Manage to take some nice photos and ate my favorite Ma Maison's fruit tart!

Satisfied! :) (P.S. Photos not clear enough for you? Or you just want to see my "Chio" face? Click on the photos!)


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