Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve & Mummy's Birthday Dinner

( A SHOUTOUT to everybody, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! [Singing to Britney's My Only Wish] )

If you haven't notice, today's post images are way more prettier! That's because it was taken using DSLR and also, I've finally re-size my images! Yes. Just realize that the photos uploaded in the past are somewhat, pathetic. Too small. But apparently to Blogger, they were all considered as size "L". Okay. Never mind about that. The important thing is that my blog looks awesome now!

Mummy's Birthday Celebration Dinner at Chin Lee Restaurant

Kinda Famous Teochew Restaurant at Bedok.

Up first, the cold dishes. My favorite was the prawn salad (Prawns with Mayonnaise)! Is that how you call it?

This fish was gooooodddd... Even the soup was nice.

The chicken skin was super crispy. Could hear the *CRUNCH* when I pressed the skin with my chopsticks lah.

Main ingredient in this dish, SCALLOP!

Huge Juicy Prawns.

Background a little china-ish?

My Happy-Go-Lucky Mum!

Happy Family <3

Decided to grab some ice-cream even though we were all extremely full. And so, we arrived at...

Swensens at Terminal 2

A Present from my sister and her Bf.

The Banana Crumble

Lucky girl recieved a free ice-cream treat from a really friendly waitress! It's called the "Firehouse Happy Birthday". (P.S. ISN'T MY MUM CUTE?!)

She's suppose to face the camera but instead...

Make a wish~


Took some random photos with the Christmas decorations at Changi. Their theme was Angry bird... Ohgosh.

Enough of all the feast! Shall 'walk it off' tomorrow when I'm SHOPPING!! YAY!!! Gonna buy some Christmas present for myself! :)


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