Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bangkok 2011: Part 3

It's the Finale of my Bangkok trip!!! Those reading my blog are getting really bored of BKK... Haha! I know right? It's time for me to change topic agree?

3rd Day: Morning.

The very first treat of the day, Crepe!!! It's really very, very addictive...

In Love with the Banana Chocolate. Yummmm~

Thailand's Mango Sticky Rice.! It's a Must-try.

Set off to Golden Palace

Entrance to Grand Palace. Try to ignore the striking blue "screen".

Just to inform you guys that if you're planning to go to the Grand Palace, remember to wear long pants (Even if the weather is 40degrees). If not, you had to rent their Sarongs which won't turn out nice in your photos...

The prestigious Grand Palace.

Damn. Real Gold. No kidding.

Magnificent structures

(Zoomed onto the roof) Just realize that it looked like a palace stack on another palace! Amazing...

I wonder what this means... A snake with five human heads?

Just an artistic shot

[raise up hand] Are these crystals or just plain mirrors? Hmm...

Don't ask me why I got this messed-up hairdo in this shot! Rah!

Doesn't matter if you are a demon, angel, guardian or human. You still got to do the "Sawadee" pose in Thai!

Can't wait to find a shelter and hide underneath right kids? The weather was horrible and to make it worse, we had to wear long pants. [grumble]

Water with good charms. How does it work?

Submerge the bulky flower into the pot of 'miracle' water!

Dab the flower onto your head.

And FEEL the water stream down your scalp lah.

Just nice a few strands of my hair popped out for my brother to munch~

Chest out soldiers!

Left Grand Palace and some police-wannabe tuktuk driver brought us to another "Tourist Attraction". Sigh! Long story...

He says that this is the tallest standing Buddha. Guess what?! He's right! It's called, Wat Intharawihan, 32 meters tall.

3rd Day, Lunch

Managed to escape from the hands of the 'cunning' tuktuk driver and we've reached our next destination, Siam Paragon. Settled down at MK restaurant for our lunch! First to come, my Coconut drink! Refreshing~

Don't be deceived by this plain-looking mushroom soup. It taste just like those western creamy mushroom soup!!! [stun]

Totally adore their Wanton mee! The BIG BIG FAT FAT wantons... Recommended!! (MK Restaurant)

Fast forward to dinner

Not leaving Thailand until I ate my ALL-TIME FAVORITE...

A&W! I miss you dearly, root-beer float.

Returned back to hotel so that we can start packing our luggage

But in the end, they went to have a dip in the pool and I'm there to snap some photos!

Gonna squeeze this last batch of clothing in! Yayyyy!! Of course don't mind carrying home a heavy luggage filled with clothes lah. :D Heehee!

Breakfast at the airport

Enormous Croissant for shiangg~

Two cups of hot chocolate for me

And Shiangg. Not going to risk my life and drink coffee! Because it's important that I sleep when I'm on planes.

Beef Lasagna for me!

Now that I'm back in Singapore, everything seems over-priced! Food from food courts, clothing, restaurant and even CAB fares. That's the symptom you get when you decided to fly to countries like Bangkok. Yeap. That will be all for my Bangkok trip! Don't worry! I'll be back with a new topic. :) Stay tuned~


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