Saturday, December 10, 2011

20th World Orchid Conference

Going to a flower exhibition for the very first time! At first, I was like "sucha auntie activity"(which is kinda true what)! But when I was there to see it for myself, it's a different story. [pause] OKAY OKAY. Just wanted to make it sound nicer. The truth? Of course is to take pretty photos! Don't really know how to appreciate plants. However, I was taken aback by the Gardens by the bay.

You must be a good photographer to take a pretty photo of these 3 massive structures. *Erhem* Just like me! :)

Visited the Gardens of the Bay first instead of the Orchid Conference. Hahaha!!! The conference was suppose to be the MAIN event!

This will not be the only plant you will be looking at~ There's more behind! HAHA! ENJOY~

Looks like a dragonfly resting on a chopped-off tree

Reminds me of earthworms but the worse part of this plant is that the heads are FURRY. Yikes!

And these are the babies of the 'earthworms' plant

Pretty night scenery taken from the inside of the Greenhouse

Mum: "Take a photo of the tree's eye!" She meant this... [faints]

If there wasn't any spotlight or lights, I bet this tree would look terribly CREEPY.

Done exploring "Gardens by the bay". Now, for the Marina Bay Sands Orchid Exhibition!

This was the flower representing...

Sir Elton John!

Next representative was for...

Princess Diana!

Different country's orchid display filled the entire exhibition hall.

"This one ah! Confirm is from China!" And, You're Wrong! Initially, we thought it was too. With all the fans, horse and chinese words. It was from Japan~ Surprise!

Wss the blue thang a part of the design?!

The designs are getting weirder each year. Ha!!

Ah ha! This was then designed by China!

Okay. Bad move to put mannequins in there!!!

I pick YOU! Because there's waterfall~ :)

Enough of flowers! Never seen so many different kinds of bright-colored flowers before. But to tell you guys the truth, most of them looked the same to me!

Time for some random shots. :)

This sums up everything about the conference! Overall, this year's Orchid conference doesn't have the 'WOW' factor. Kinda disappointed but luckily, we had the exclusive look at the Gardens of the Bay! A PLUS POINT! Alright. Hope you guys didn't fall asleep because of the excessive amount of 'flower power'. :) P.S Camera used: Panasonic Lumix


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