Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bangkok 2011: Part 2

Rejoice peeps! BKK trip part 2 is here! Okay, maybe only my dearest family/friends are actually excited about reading my new posts. But, Oh wells! I'm no famous blogger yet! The day will come... Soon... [daydreaming]

2nd Day: Dinner

Having dinner at the famous Bangkok's Chinatown! (Not sure about the restaurant though)

Not sure why but its cool to be holding a bottle of coke like this.

Dishes slowly filling up the entire table

Main attraction here: Scallops

Just look at the HUGE Oysters

In the middle of Chinatown!

Lots of food stalls by the roadside -> Eat at your own risk

Trying to find a way to run across the busy road so that we could buy a box of famous Pork Floss!

What's this? Any idea?

Hint: You really need to be very skillful when camwhoring on this particular VEHICLE.

It's a TUKTUK! :)

6 people in 2 tuktuks! It's fun!!

Everybody should try it when you are in Bangkok! Not encourage if it's raining though.

Reached our hotel in a short while and we decided to tour around our hotel!

A Simple garden that allows us to admire the beautiful city lights.

Swimming pool with pretty city view

Time to head back inside and up to our rooms!

3rd Day: Breakfast

Hello breakfast! :)

Took a long cab ride to CHATUCHAK! Time to dig for some good stuff!

Lunch time! Lucky for us, we found a place whereby there's AIRCON. PHEW. The weather is really killing us all. Hot like... me~ [shy]

Dig in!

FINALLY found our favorite Pineapple Rice! You will be surprise. You can find more Thai restaurants in Singapore that sells pineapple rice than in Thailand.

2nd day: Dinner

This kinda secluded restaurant falls into my favorite Thai restaurant list!

Just look at the dishes they served! It's so special right?! Okay. Except for the tofu lah.

Whoo~! Satisfaction!!

Do remember this restaurant! RECOMMENDED! [thumbs up]

(Back in our room) Just look at this Um-Chio-ing (Secretly smiling) girl! Reason?

Ohyea~ ^^ Let's Pack it all up!

Shiang Ling: Try this try this! Very fun one! Just paste it on your tongue and... TADA!

To all the Hello kitty fans, you can own a hello kitty on your tongue for at least 10 seconds! Happy or what?

Okay okay! Yoohoo~ Time to end my second blog post for bangkok. Yes. Chatuchak sells all kinds of stuff. But for me, I would rather go to platinum mall. Compared to Platinum, price at Chatuchak maybe more expensive. And it's really very humid when you're inside. By the way, I saw some really fluffy and adorable puppies at Chatuchak too! Sigh. Why can't I bring them over to Singapore.

Life now: Busy worrying about my Comm Skills Job interview. I swear that it's killing me inside... Will try to post the last bkk portion soon!


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