Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bangkok 2011: Part 1

Sawatdee Kaa people! Have you read about my Hongkong trip experience? If yes, I LOVE YOU and I shall reward you guys with something... This post! YAY!! [Pop party poppers] Our second trip of the month, *Heh heh*, TO B A N G K O K.

Changi Airport: Lunched at Terminal 1 before boarding the plane. If you haven't been to T1 for ages, let me tell you something, it's undergoing some sort of renovation. Be sure to look out for new shops!

Up up here we go~

Time to Check In!

Hotel: Amari Watergate. The location is super awesome. Just opposite of Platinum mall! [Excited]

In reality, pressure can 'squash' a person. Like how it did to my water bottle!

Complimentary coffee/tea while waiting for our rooms! Service: Superb.

Dropped our luggage in our room and hopped on this mini bus which will bring us to...

this river! Gonna board this very traditional boat and have our dinner on it...

Tell you guys a little something. Unfortunately, I could not even enjoy my dinner. Once the boat starts moving, it was SWAYING away and me, of course, felt like puking. The worse thing was that I had to persevere for 2 hours. [slouch]

The Starters.

2 Sticks of Satays. Hmm...

Trying to distract myself so that I won't puke...

Thai's Green Curry

Large Mussels


Super cute design right?

The On board entertainment. Traditional dancing from Thai girls.

Sight seeing: The Grand Palace

A token of appreciation?

Returned back to the hotel

Managed to endure the boat ride but the first thing I did when we were back was to LAY LIFELESSLY ON THE BED.

What she looking at?!

OH~ She dabao this Candy Empire cookies to thailand. It's mini and chocolaty!

Decided to walk to the nearest convenience shop to buy this pathetic cup noodle. Poor me... Heard that this brand was the best among the rest so I've decided to try it! It's a little spicy for me but overall, it's alright. :)

2nd Day: Breakfast

Settled with Platinum Mall's food court!

Instead of just paying it to the stall owners with cash, you have to collect a "kopitiam" look-alike card and store an amount into it.

Oyster omelette. Just look at how big the oysters are! Singapore's oysters are malnutrition kind.

Instead of Chilli padi, green chillis... They had powders! And these are for...

Thai "Cha Kway Teow"! Recommendation: Do not miss this cha kway teow when you visit Bangkok.

No need to try these meatballs. Nothing special~

Dessert: Birdnest

Lunched at Siam Paragon. Like Singapore's paragon, it's a high-end shopping paradise.

Flavored Cotton candies bought at Siam Paragon's supermarket.

Brown = Chocolate, Pink = Strawberry, Blue = Blueberry, Green = Apple, Yellow = Banana and Purple = Grape. Pretty Rainbow Cotton Candies!

I'm not going to lie but for this trip, our number 1 priority would be to have more SHOPPING locations and visit lesser attractions. And so, don't expect pretty scenery or unusual sightings. :) I will try to blog the next part asap. Sadly, assignments are piling up in school. What's new right?


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