Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hong Kong: Day 3

Best thing about free and easy trip would be that there's no morning call! Agree? Third day! Up and ready to have our stomach filled to the brim!

Woah. Australian Dairy Company is really popular.

Wodering what's all these tubs? Direct translation from the board: Egg white with fresh milk.

Poor us. Still had to queue up with empty stomachs!

Alright! This was their breakfast meal! Macaroni, Macaroni~

And Eggs and toast!

I was too engrossed with my food that... What the hell is my brother happily eating?! [pout]

Traveling from Jordan to...

Mongkok!!!! YES. You know it's time for

S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G. You can never get bored of it.

Shopped at different streets, hua yuan jie, nu ren jie, blah blah blah for the entire day! It's normal right?

Lunch for the day! They got different kind of noodles to choose from and it reminded me of Singapore's mee pok and mee gia.

As for dinner, we settled for some claypot rice!

One bottle of coke coming up! Cool eh?

I'm just going to post up this oily but tasty omelette picture. Forget about the claypot rice! It looks unappetizing. Heee~

Let's not forget about our dessert!

Coconut with... let me try and remember what was in it... Birdnest?? Yea... I think so... Anyway! This was really good!

My bro attacking my mum's dessert while edmund happily poses for a photo. Haha!

My cute little mum doesn't even care about the camera lah. She's in her own world~

A really short post for today. I'm so Sorry cause we didn't take much photo on that day. Too busy looking out for clothes I guess. :) Alright, Promise you guys that the next post would be something special! [wink wink]


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