Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hong Kong: Day 2

Okay, okay!! All rise and shine for our second day of Hong Kong! Let me see. It's 10am in the morning and we were heading towards...

Admiralty! Erm... Wait a minute... It was just the interchange we got down to so that we could change to the blue line. Sounds familiar? Green line, red line, blahblahblah~

This was our destination! Wan Chai. Though I think they should spell it as "Wang Zai" lah.

Wondering why I took a photo of this building? It's where we will have some DELICIOUS and MOUTH-WATERING dimsum for brunch! :)

Edmund and my brother trying to choose and pick out some nice dim sums for us to try~

Be prepared for dim sums that will make your tummy GROWL.

Unable to finish these bigs buns. No choice but to dabao these fat little things back to the hotel. Yes... This happens when you trust the waitress recommendations. They recommend like everything on the menu were chef recommended lah. -.-

This looks like our "Zong Zhi" but in a smaller version, packed with rice. Haha! Didn't manage to finish this too...

Char Siew Bao~

These were like fried wanton! With the mayo... YUMZ.

Looks like Chee Cheong Fun but taste nothing like them. Hmm... This... Healthier choice (mark)

Look at their Siew Mais!!! Definitely better than Singapore's.

Har Gows. The shrimp inside was... Juicy and BIG.

The largest dumpling ever! I remembered it had lots of vegetables in it. When the waitress came and give us five freaking bowls of this for each of us, our faces were like... [stun]

Alright! DONE with dim sums! All of us had super round kawaii bouncing tummys~

Just took a photo with the Starbucks coffee display. NO MORE stomach space for any coffee!

Standing with the locals at the bus stop, waiting for our...

Ding Ding Bus!! It's a must to try everything yea?

Lucky to board an almost empty ding ding bus. :)

We reached our next destination, Causeway Bay! :) Time to rummage around for pretty clothes!

"Island Beverly"! Mission: To hunt for as many affordable clothing as possible. Prices: Mid-range. Most of their clothing came from Korea and Japan.

Time for a little snack after our shopping spree. Heard that these chicken wings are really tasty and yes, it was! (Especially the sauce used)

DIG in~

Next, beancurd. It was superb!!! It's soft as hell. All you got to do is slurp it up.

Changing from Central to Hong kong station.

Me and my mum acting cute TOGETHER. Heehee~ ^^

Welcome to the central pier.

Central Pier Clock Tower.

Time to set sail to Tsim Sa Tsui!

Climb aboard the Star Ferry

No clear city view... [shakes head]

Welcome to Harbourfront city. There's Zara and Uniqlo.

Former Kowloon-Canton Railway Clock Tower. A famous landmark of Hong kong.

Look at the crowd! All trying to snatch a place on the platform to watch the "Symphony of Lights".

We managed to find seats NOT on the platform but on some random railings. :) Kinda smart yea? No squeezing required.

Show started by introducing the towers participating in the light show.

Blasting music, Green lasers shot out from the top of the towers! Sounds good yea?
Well, we left early because for the front part, it was really bad and boring... Oopsy daisy!

Never name your company as CCB. Remember that...

Roasted duck for dinner :)

Dessert of the day: The owner of this shop started gui ling gao. I don't eat gui ling gao so no comments from me.

End of second day! Shall MTR back to hotel!


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