Friday, September 2, 2011

Hong Kong: Day 1

On the 26th of August, we began our magical trip to Hong Kong...

630am: Arrived at Changi Airport T2.

Step up the travelator to reach the Far Far Away Gate.

Board the HK airline. Fact 1: Their stewardess are trained to use wing chun kung fu.

HK Airlines Advertisement.

Time to knock out!

After almost a 4 hours flight... WHOO~ LEI HOU HONGKONG! Let the fun begin~
To collect our luggage, we still had to board this train. Wondering how big can HK airport be...

It looks JUST like Changi Airport. But overall, Changi Airport still wins~ P.S I'm not bias kay! :)

While waiting for our "tour guides" (Brother and his friend) to buy the Airport Express.

The Airport Express will bring us to a station called "Hong kong". -.- Yes. Don't ask me why they give name it as that...

Here it is! Our so-called "ezlink" card!

In the spacious cabin of Airport Express train.

Look at how my cute little mum take a photo

Time to switch from Airport Express train to MTR. Luckily, it's not as crowded.

Giving the uncomfortable face cause the Honkees were staring at us... (With our bulky luggage)

Our hotel's location! Yau Ma Tei~ Sushi Tei~! [lame laughter]

Our 4-5 Star Hotel. The City View.

Room for me, mummy and sis! 4D? Anybody? Sure win one!

No backaches next morning. GOOD. [give a star sticker]

Late lunch at this restaurant which was just opposite of our hotel. Look at all the newspapers cutting pasted on the glass.

Lai lai~ Menu!

Ice Milk Tea! SO NICE. Unlike Singapore's "Too sweet" Milk tea.



Even their cake looks so pretty and special! Have you ever seen a 2 in 1 cake? Now you have! This one says that it's a Mango and Chestnut cake. Ha!

Saw this when we were walking toward the MTR. Some parking ticket thing...

Central! HK's "Orchard road".

On our way to 'The Peak' and I think my brother said that this is an iconic building? Aiya! Whatever! Just take a photo with it! :)

The Peak Tram!

Weekends = CROWDED.

The Tram ticket. Looks kiddish with that pig right?

Ta-da! The peak tram! Gonna take this up to the TOP of the world!

The tram was like traveling up in a 75 degrees manner! Pity those who were standing.

And we alight at the Peak to view HK City!

Yes. They got a huge shopping mall at the top.

Spot my mum. Hint: She's the 'brightest'.

What's Wheelock place doing here?!

Save the earth! Recycle spoil tram and use it as...

An Information Service Counter. Yea~ Not a bad idea!

My mama's sexy back~ Yea~

Look at this poodle, LIKE A HORSE RIGHT? Must be from a very rich family...

Look at the magnificent view of the city!

Weird faces. GO.

Haha! My mum manage to find her own "private" seat!

While waiting to see the sun set, well, we went a little crazy~


Mickey and Minnie Balloons that caught my eyes! So cute but dusty~

This will be The Peak's iconic Semicircle buidling. Sorry but my camera angle a bit...

Okay!It's suppose to be like that lah... [grumpy]

Back down to the crowded city. Look at this! They add colors to boring tall buildings.

COACH. No money to step in but the building was damn glam.

Dinner for the day!

Egg tarts as snacks!


(Me munching away when I reached hotel)


Different dessert for each of us!

Bubble forming on the surface which may have been the lady's saliva whom my sister gave attitude to because she was rude to my sis. HAHAHA! [evil laughs]

Mum: White white also wanna take photo ah?
Me: I like leh~ My FAVORITE ALMOND!

After dessert, the most important thing that we must not miss out would be, SHOPPING AT H&M till 1130pm!!


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