Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hong Kong: Day 4

The Second last day of our trip~ And we shall head towards a WHOLE NEW WORLD! Are you Excited? Cause I AM!!!

Alright! Let the adventure begin! DISNEYLAND!

I hope you guys know that there's a train made just for Disneyland...

Mickey's head. It's EVERYWHERE.

Somebody accidentally took our sexy legs~ Quite artistic yea?

My sis *ERHEM* camera.

My Lumix camera ftw! HEEHEE. :)

Next top model shot taken by me! *Hwee weep*

Small Disney character figurines displayed in every cabin.

YES. Reached Disney world!

Paid the entrance fee, got our ticket (Mine was Tinker bell!) and let's start our magical tour!

Immediately saw Mickey and Minnie!!! We are sooooo lucky!

First ever Cantonese speaking Mickey and Minnie!

Forgive my brother. He got tons of weird poses...

Cute Mickey pancakes! Anyone?

The weather seriously hundred times WORSE than Singapore's. So when we see any shelter or air-conditioned place, RUN IN.

Huge bunch of Balloons!

Cinderella!! With so many people following her, trying to get a picture of her, She walked towards me and WAVED and SMILED to me (YEA, SHE THINKS IM PRETTY! HEEHEE) so I quickly took multiple shots of her then some frigging biatch with PINK color bag ran in front of me and destroy all my pictures!! [bang the table] This was the best shot I had. Cinderella NOT waving and displaying her chio smile to me anymore. Nevermind. There she is, still taking up a quarter of my photo.

Our first ride of the day, It's a small world!

The queue... [faint]

Hurray! Time for us to enter 'Small World'.





Toy Story.

Jungle Book.

Little Mermaid.

Lilo & Stitch.

I hate rides that are related to teacups. Giddy like hell. Why would people pay to make themselves puke?

Wishing Well. Make a wish~

If you are observant enough, there's a little boy in between my sis and bro! I think he's like wondering "WHAT'S IN THERE? WHY ARE THEY ALL STARING IN THE WELL?"

Snow white and the seven dwarfs.

Let the amazing Parade show BEGIN

It's HK disneyland 5th Anniversary. :)

Well... Most of them were Cheena. Haha!

Beware! All the really pretty Princesses!

This lady totally had the Tinkerbell personality.

Poor Woody. No free ride for him.

Unfortunately, only Buzz had the priority.

End of the Parade! Time to take some rides with AIRCON. Hot like hell.

Mickey Mouse 4D! Love all the Disney songs but the effects, still lose to Singapore's Shrek.

Gave up waiting to take a photo with Rapunzel. Why? This Rapunzel talked far too much.

Special Advertisement for Cars 2.

Moving Eyes. Shiny texture. Nice car.

Golden Mickey. Queued for around one hour for this awesome performance.

No idea what is this show about? Let me summarize it for you. It's like a Disney Award Ceremony!



Lilo & Stitch.

Little Mermaid.

Not sure why but people were actually really excited when they saw little bubbles floating down...

Beauty and the Beast.

*BOOM* Everybody Cheered!

Waiting to board the railway train!

The last show of the day! Fireworks at the Sleeping Beauty Castle. It RAINED so the show was pushed back.

Oh gosh. The show was so damn beautiful that it will bring tears to your eyes. The combination of disney songs and fireworks. It's super awesome.

Went around to take some photos while waiting for the rain to stop completely.

Last ride of the day! Buzz Lightyear! It was lame. :)

Yay!!! That's the end of our Magical Disneyland trip. ^^ Overall, I enjoyed the shows way more than the rides.

Alright! Supper after the disneyland trip was definitely... SHIOK!

I looked damn cui partly because of the stupid weather. Freaking sunny in the afternoon and rained heavily in the evening. And my FEET hurts that I went to buy slippers from Cotton On... Yay!! What a day!

Didn't take any photo on the very last day because all of us did last minute shopping before we flew back to Singapore! Heehee!! That's the spirit right? That will be all for our Hongkong trip! :) Tip: if you want to visit HK, don't go when it's the Summer season! It's kinda bad... REMEMBER.