Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weekend getaway @ Festive Hotel

1st of July. It was a really special and lovely day for my family! (Especially for my dad) In fact, The entire weekend! And you will find out the reason right ... ... NOW!

Festive Hotel: The Family Room

Singapore's Kiasu Spirit: Reminding tourists that Singapore is a FLOWER city even when they are sleeping.

Bed in the air. Climb the steps and you will see...

A Kids bed! It was SUPERB Comfy! Surprisingly, it's even better than the master bed...

The echo-ish bathroom

Out for a Walk after dinner

Inherited the cuteness from her! HAHA!


Not going to disrupt our parent's wonderful date! "Voyage De Lavie" for Friday night. (To Krystle: This is the circus show that I told you about the other day~)

Went for a walk with my brother before heading back to our room. This was Hard Rock Cafe's Outdoor Area.

Flowers again in Elevator

Shucks... I looked exactly like the flower!!!

Corridor that leads to our room

Here's our room! Number 478. It was really far from the elvator. [grumbles]

I'm 'small eye-ing' you guys...

While waiting to surprise our dad, we camwhore... What else?

Hmm... This photo... It doesn't look like a bathroom to me...

Quite reluctant to touch bathroom's walls. Ha!

Arrival of my sis! Last minute decision for her.

Room's balcony view

Not as breath-taking as MBS hotel but it will do! :)

Haha! I remembered that after we took this photo, we panicked! Because our parents came back and we were not prepared! So apparently, our surprise mission FAILED!


Birthday boy

And Birthday boy with cutie!

One family portrait before cutting the not-too-big cake

White chocolates surrounding the cake just kept falling out! Annoyingz.

Done with the sweety treat! Time to... snatch-a-bed! My mother won and she gets to have the whole cozy kid's bed to herself!

2nd July. "Early" in the morning

My brother and I woke up with aching bodies. Why? BLAME it on the master bed! It was WAY TOO SOFT LAH. Like Quicksand. Your body will just SINK in. As for my parents? They were like (Loud and Energetic) "GOOD MORNING! LET'S GO! EAT BREAKFAST LO! WAKE UP" -.- irritating right?

After filling our stomachs with the breakfast sets from Toastbox, it's time to hit the pool! (For my brother and mum)

Festive Hotel Swimming Pool

They got the Resort feel right?

Brother enjoying the sun

And for us, we rather hide under the shelters!

Me without braces/retainers... WEIRD!

My new profile photo? Shall see!



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