Monday, May 2, 2011

Deal or no Deal Mms?!

This post is dedicated to Mengshi aka MMS.

That special day outing was planned by Three musketeers to 'celebrate' her Bday! It was kind of a failure cause... we were somehow late. Sorry mms! [kneel down] Didn't mean to make you wait for us!! Anyway, the three of us hoped that YOU(mms) had enjoyed it yea?! :)

Off to Marina Barrage!

Nice weather to fly kite.

Last minute Snacks-shopping at NEX.

O-iishi sushis

Can you spot the red octopus?

It's really, very huge. Need 3 people to fly the kite in the beginning!

No kites how? Play Monopoly Deal lah... Easy!

If you are a sucker and you haven't play this game, this is called the "PAP" Card. It allows you to take any set of cards from your opponent. The WHOLE set.

Mms was so addicted to Monopoly Deal, not because it's fun and exciting but cause she haven't win a single game! Mwahaha! [evil grin]

Yes! That's all for the Barrage part! The rest of the day we spent it... well... elsewhere? I'm too lazy to name them out so let's just end here.

My Best Wishes to Mengshi. Hope she will stay crazy, pretty and healthy! Must try to make some time to date us kay mms? <3


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