Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Lion King @ MBS

Hello people! Keewei is back!! Okay. I was suppose to post this in April but guess what? It's May now! Heehee! I'm so sorry... I've neglected you my blog. [sayang] Anyhoo, a little information about my daily life. I've just finished my Final Year Project (Thank Goodness) and starting my attachment at Raffles Hospital tomorrow. (Oh Dammit) Gosh. Time really flies right?!

On 24th April, 2011. Marina Bay Sands.

If you haven't seen this place... then a little advice for you. Go explore our small little dot, Singapore. :x

Spot the banner? That's what we came here for. :) "The Lion King" Performance.

If you didn't know, there's a theater inside MBS. So glam right?

Snacks anybody?

No thanks! Just look at the price! M&Ms chocolate for 3 bucks?!

Audience can drink beverages first before proceeding into the theater. This is how you enjoy you life! :) Haha!

Thanks to iphone, we still manage to secretly take pictures though there were ushers walking around. Looking out for people who were preparing to take photographs with their cameras. Us = genius.

The stage curtain. So... Safari lah.

Overall, worth the money! Very colorful and the costumes were so pretty! The performance actually brought back my childhood memories. It's so damn touching that at some point, my eyes were teary! Really!

Warning: Do not buy the seats located on the upper level. Why? I can't tell you the reason... It's a spoiler~ :) So, Yup! That's all for the day! (I re-watched the cartoon after the performance. HAHA! GREAT POWER)


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