Sunday, April 17, 2011

Walkaround at Siloso Beach

Unfortunately, our cycling plan failed today! Why? Blame it on the bicycle kiosks! I'm not sure why but the leftover bicycles were all eco-friendly ones. Yes! We want to play a part in saving the earth but why must we top-up another additional 5 bucks for an eco-friendly bike right? And there's this student promotion only for NORMAL bike. $8 per bike. Why not?

Another reason was the weather. It's 33 Degrees today! Can't stand the HOT and STICKY feeling lah! Very uncomfortable. Just by walking from one station to another made us perspire like we just played volleyball on the beach with some random babes and hunks... Okay! That's what I hope I can do one fine day ah~ To just wear sexy bikini and walk around like nobody business! Although I think I will look very weird because... okay, just imagine a very white girl (ME) who looks very pale and weak, acting healthy by playing volleyball with some tan hot chicks under the sunny sky. [pondering] Hmm... Actually, Not bad leh! I will look like an ANG MOH! A CHIO ONE!!! Alright... I know I know~ It's just a dream lah. I'm just joking right? OKAY! Come back to topic!

We ended up walking around Sentosa and here's some photos!

Huge and Real Origami! There's a reason to why I would tilt my head in this manner. It's because I had a freaking obvious mosquito bite on my cheeks! No choice but to do it this way. sigh.

Don't ask me where my brother get his ugly red hat from...

Siloso Beach! The monorail/tram ride describe the beach as white and sandy. White? You sure?

Reached the end of Siloso beach and straightaway ran for the "air-conditioned" Delifrance. Thought that it would be damn cooling but trust me, you would rather have the outdoor seats. And so, the Sentosa trip ends here because we've decided to go back home to catch the Star Awards! Must Support local talent! :)


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