Tuesday, April 26, 2011

9th April is...

First of all, I need to apologize to my dearest sister for posting this late! Hehehe! Sis, you should know that I had this sickness called "Lazy" right?

9th of April is a really special day for my pretty sister. Why?! It's her BIRTHDAY!! [Pop party-poppers]

A simple birthday celebration was "planned" out for her on that very day. We had dinner at a nearby "crab-house" and surprised her with a spongy Cake when we reached home! Very simple right? As long as everybody's present, my sis wouldn't even mind if we just stayed home! Admire this attitude of hers. :)

Well, She insist that she's forever 21! :x

Appealing Strawberry cake. It was very soft, fluffy and appetizing!

Sorry Baobao. Can see but no touch. :)

Love from me and my brother~

Message to my sista: We will always love you and whether if it's dinner or just shopping, you must try and find some time to join us! Keep that in mind kay?! Hugs and Kisses just for you! <3<3


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