Wednesday, March 9, 2011

He's 22-years-old !

Event: Surprising the Birthday boy. People Involved: Edmund and Shiang Ling. Location: Home :) It was a very last minute surprise planned by us! :)

Swensens Ice-cream cake still remains as my favorite!

Making some incredible wishes for himself

look at his irritating face! Haha!

On 18th Feb

Look at his present from shiangg! So sweet lah! It's HANDMADE.

After dinner, we brought them (Edmund & Shiang ling) to "Boardwalk"! They haven't been there yet.

It's power rangers!

I don't bully my mum~

Aw~ My granny pout! So Cute!

Red = Devil, Red and Blue = Combined both, Blue = Angel. Haha! I know... lame right? Whatever!

Trying to light us up with my iphone torch but in the end, the camera flash came alive! That's what I dislike about canon's camera. Their auto flash.

what's Shiang ling doing?!

I hope you all know what are we trying to imitate ah.

WA! Messy la! What are they trying to do when I took this photo! Gosh!

Mum took the light sticks and say, "You all put wrongly la! Should like this put! Standing up one!"

I hope birthday boy enjoyed himself when he was taking loads of photos. It's a pretty difficult task to surprise him because he would keep pestering us, especially Edmund, when he think that something's wrong. So irritating right? Hahaha! Anyway, I hope his wishes do come true and I love you brother!! You know that! :)

P.S. Sorry for posting this late. Dragged this for almost a month, I guess.


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