Friday, February 11, 2011

Sentosa Boardwalk

What Can I Say? A Great decision was made to head towards Sentosa Boardwalk and have a look around at the CNY decoration. It's beautiful and the weather was really good... So, It's Good to go in the evening!

Let me introduce you to...

A bridge linking from vivo city to sentosa. Entry fee, just $1! If you see the tram, it will be 3 bucks! Why waste the money right? Exercise, exercise! :)

Sentosa Flowers. Everbody should go in and have a look.

Now I know, This is my WEAK ANGLE. HA!

I look like a panda bear here... F.A.T

There's travelator too! Imagine... I bridge with travelator? Kinda cool.


Nice stairway for photoshoot.

[singing] Lollipop, lollipop, oh loli-loli-loli-pop~

The biggest rabbit I've seen so far! :D

Monkey is...

Me! Cute monkey!!


My Cool Brother!

Mouse... (I know... Doesn't look like one right?)

My Tiny cute Mum!

Chicken is my chio sister!


My thrifty Dad!

Pretty flower! But she's not very polite cause she didn't respond to my sis when she said "thank you".

The one at the back is a rabbit too. Haha!

IT'S RAINING... Oops! False alarm!

This reminds me of "Ring my bell" by Madonna.

A bunch of PINK flowers. Not white... PINK.

Not bad! This decoration can re-use on Easter day! Budget~

What type of flowers do you prefer?

SO CUTE! "Huang Li" made up of flowers! Can I eat...? [bimbotic stare]

Who's in for a Rabbit trail? :)

Glow-in-the-dark mushrooms...

Joking! I think they put lighting in the mushrooms

A Bed Of roses.

The photographer not experience enough...

Share the LOVE.

Loving them to the MAX.

My sis just wanna take a photo with the M&Ms.

Before heading out to Sentosa Boardwalk, we saw Fireworks! You just got to ignite... the lights... and let... it SHINE~

Need a BREAK and so we went into this restaurant called the "Queens". You will definitely notice this shop when you walk past it. It's too attractive.

Tea? Anybody?

Look at my brother's buffed up arms... Hwee-weep!

Model posing.

Clown posing.

Haha! My mum's a tiny person in front of my bro!

That's all for that night! Thoughts? Sentosa's changing it's image! It's Great and I'm lovin it Even More now~


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