Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chingay 2011

This would be the second time that I've watched Chingay. Comparing it with the previous one, which would be in 2010, Chingay 2010 was so much better than this year.

The Pre-parade. Just a group of people playing the drums... It's nothing!

Three Generation together!

Start of the parade. 88 Metre Dragons floats in from both sides!

Two dragons float towards each other and...


Here comes the Harley Davidson Bikes

Vintage Cars.

If I'm not wrong, they got this last year! Stilt men with metal wings. They are from Malaysia.

A Little Fireworks showcase to start the parade!

This is lame. So ignore this...

First Float for the Upcoming year which is Dragon.

So cute! Got Singapore Flyer on it too!

Turf City: Encouraging Singaporeans to bet more on horses! :)

Cai Shen Ye(s) came.

They having fun with pao zhu(s)

Second Float for the Gods of Fortune.

Firecracker on dancing dragons. That explains why they are "skinless". Another word for it, Botak!

Lion Dance.

The only lion that attracted me

Indian culture.

I love the one with the face! So cute! When they run, you can see the protruding flowers bouncing up and down! HAHA.

Third Float to symbolize the Indian culture! Looks so deepavali-ish.

Next section, running flowers and


Fourth float to symbolize Chinese culture.

Someone's high up in the air

Some Asian kids that could flipped around easily.

Let you guys guess this section belongs to which organization or whatever.

Hint: Jellyfishes...

Hint: Fishes.

Answer: Resort World! Fifth Float for promoting the upcoming Underwater world.

The two beautiful dancing cranes

Water shooting out of the cranes and


The sea horses looks weird!

The movie "Jumanji", Comes alive!


Giraffe wants ME to touch it! But, Nah... :P

The Sixth Float was for Singapore Zoo!

Their trees interest me...

Especially when they move as a group! HAHA.

Impersonating Mexican

Seventh Float was from NUS.

So... What does this mean?

Eighth Float also from NUS

Bee? Made no sense

They could hide people inside! Not bad~

For the Malay culture.

Might be one of their temple.

Think these kids were from china.

They did stunts.

Next Group from Sri Lanka.

This was very Sri lanka

The next Group was from Japan, Nippon!

Some Cheer leading groups...

This group is from Taiwan

Gymnastic group from Denmark!

Oops! I admit that I took more photos of them... :P

Another Japanese Culture

Ninth Float to arrive. Japanese Association Singapore

The Tenth Float was Community Development Councils(CDCs) "We Are One" Float

Looks like some childcare float

They even hung flashing lights on their clothes

They looked like "weird-looking-Ellas"

Lots of belly-dancing going on for that night

You guys would be like, What the! They looked like some cyborgs.

Ha! This was like... -.-

Just bear with it. This year there's like more humans than Floats.

Fiesta Mexicana!

This is so cute!

Love the moppets! Interesting right?

The last float of the day which is the Eleventh was representing the "Malay Heritage"

All audience were given this light thingy

Not sure why they pull this red cloth over in the first place

All performers got their own "lanterns"

At first you thought that they were going to release the lanterns. But, NO. They were just going to hold on to it till the end.

It's the end of the parade and the most important thing is to put FIREWORKS from both sides! Front.

and the Back.

End of Chingay 2011 with a BOOM! Well, though they got a good concept like what my brother said, we still prefered the 2010 one.


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