Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Birds Flying in Jurong Park

Alright. I didn't know that flagging a cab can be so... "RAH". On that day, we waited for one for more than 20 minutes! (It would be worse if we take a public transport though)

Singapore Jurong Birdpark

This was one of the most greedy penguin I've ever seen.

Penguin Cove

I bet they are damn bored

Along The Way

Birds so red. Seen before?

Why are the birds so red? Cause they are in CNY mood!!! HAHAHAHA! -.- okay. It's lame.

These birds looked like some mini-version of peacocks! OH! Can't see properly?


We sat,stare at this bird eyeing and trying to get hold of a... FLY.

Walking uphill to visit a place called "Lory Loft".

This "Lory Loft" is a place where BIRDS FLY FREE.

You can also feed them! If you have fate with the little birdies, then, they will automatically fly to you. If not, then you would have to shake every tree branch and force the food down their throat...

Hmm... I think the eagle is camouflaging. Unfortunately~

Who wanna get some Eggs?!

Well, this ostrich loves me!

It's like right in front of me! Part of the reason is that there's no one else beside me~

The Fountain of Pelicans


There were only two swans swimming around the really green water. Poor guys. Just look at the swan! It's like sulking?

Flamigos that were living in the "far far away" land.

Are all the birds attempting to escape in Birdpark?!

My sis is so much happier when she's sitting down!

Pink headed parrots and I love them! Why? They are pink! Hello?

Another parrot trying to break free

Let's dance the tribal dance!

Lucky bird gets to roam around freely~

We had to chase the bird around to try and take a picture with it

African Waterfall Aviary

Feeling so sticky after the walk along the waterfall. Yucks! Singapore's weather, bad.

The Pelican Cove

Would you rather see the pelicans or...

This cute little boy?!

Chatting with pelicans

Looked at them snatching for fishes and there's like a Q&A session but we had to rush to another bird show. :)

Flamingos. How can they stand it? Balancing on only one leg for 360 days.

Watched two bird shows in total. There was this special CNY bird show only for a limited time but then, we were too lazy so we called for a cab and return to Hougang mall for dinner. Random, I know. Birdpark's food are way too expensive. After this recent trip, we all agreed that there's no need to visit Birdpark for at least 5 years. Yeah. :)


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