Friday, February 25, 2011

2, is a new digit for Adeline

Did we succeed in surprising Adeline? Well... you will have to ask Adeline. :) It's her 20th Birthday and her Boyflan(Her way of spelling it :P) booked a hotel room at Marina Mandarin specially for her! So lucky right?

Behind the scenes

Pink arrow(S): Blown by me. Black arrow: Blown by Yuwon(one pathetic small one). The rest: Blown by ZongXiang.

This is definitely not the actual look when she blows the balloon.

What's under the pile of heart ballons?

This is what I call fail cam-whoring.

Zx carrying Ade's cake in the dark. They were late because Adeline wanted to take a few photos at the hotel lobby and so... we waited in the dark. Before they came, any footsteps or "ding" from the lift make us jumped and peek at the door-hole. But the bad thing was that it has Blind-spot. So I lid up the candles and blew them away for like 3 times?

And Finally

Birthday girl arrive! There's a video but... yea. Lazy. :)

Who's excited for her present!

She found.... Her Jay-Gee Card!

And this was what she had to wear for the day! Cute right? :)

The best thing was that the nose would GLOW!

Yuwon: "Take with the cake lah!"

We stole it to take some photos!

Yuwon: "Where's your eyes?"

Hmph! No better right?! See! She's forcing herself to open big!

So now you know that Present was more important than cutting the cake~ Right, Ade?

Then, she will grin like this...

Monopoly deal while eating our cake

ZX was down with flu so, he wasn't very high... until he played another game. (below)

asking me to do the "sai gang(s)"

After playing the cards, while he was in the room entertaining himself

They took photos at the balcony.

Birthday get only one shot but extra gets 3?!

Like this wearing green t-shirt one [point point]

That's why they say, "Sick people has crazy ideas".

Let me introduce you to this game. It's "Blind Mice" Time!

Blue Arrow: The Beginner. Yellow Arrow: The Cunning. Red Arrow: The Pro. The one taking this photo: The Fake.

After walking this path, Jielun was caught~ Aw~

Then, the GF would use this chance to hit him hard with a pillow.

Poor guy~

Night/Midnight walk around Marina

Hahaha! Joker!

First stop: Esplanade Rooftop.

He dislikes to take photo so making him open his eyes was indeed a challenge...

But, YES, We DID IT.

How come I didn't get to sit on Birthday girl's lap?!

While strolling to Marina Bay Sands

Let's be rich for three seconds. 1,2,3 snap! Come backs to reality.

Yes! We walk past Fullerton Hotel.

This looks like some horror movie scene... BOO!

Checkpoint to Marina Bay Sands! Halfway there!

FINALLY! Reached Marina Bay Sands!

You'll know how strong was the wind that night.

We were lucky that it was valentine! Many couples were still strolling around at that weird timing. Found one friendly couple to help us take this picture on the Helix Bridge!

Ran back to hotel cause our Mac Delivery came earlier than expected! Not bad! We had a Great exercise together! :)

Cheap monopoly cards has Chinese words.

This will be the finale photo for my "end of post" portion because it's so sweet! Had a really great time chatting, laughing and taking photos together. Must hold on to every minute we had guys! Time is running short! We are going to be Third-year students soon~ Let's see... We had known each other for like, 2 and a half years? And yet, we still have lots of stuff to share with each other! ;)

To Ade: Although we are heading towards different paths next semester, we could still hang out after school and during break time right? So, no worries! Just study hard and I know you can do well in IS. :)) You got the brains for memorizing man! :p Anyway, I will end this post by saying, HAPPY VERY, VERY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Stay pretty, healthy and cheerful! Love cha!


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