Friday, January 28, 2011

Time to "Jap"

Warning: This post was suppose to appear on my blog 2 weeks ago.
Ion Orchard

That was the day whereby I got to meet Krys and Mms for the first time in 2011! Their main purpose was to celebrate my B'day with me! So sweet~

Present from Krys and Mms! Thanks bitches! :D Love it though we ended having duplicate of it! Haha!

While krys is making up, I'm busy taking pictures~ Like YEA? I need to keep myself occupy too right? :)

Draw those eyes baby!

Sushi Tei At Raffles Place

The Cold Soba.

An extra side sushi for Krystle~

Curry Rice for me.

Mengshi's personal "steamboat".

With raw meats! YUMMY.

Had FREE ice-cream from XXX. FREE. Jealous?! Haha! OH! And there were Lots of staring going on around us when we were laughing... Weird isn't it? Must be MMS and Krys fault. Their laughter = Superb L.O.U.D.

Looking forward to spending more time with you guys! That night was just so SHORT for us to do our shopping and stuff. Agree?! We shall meet up after the crucial period! :D Cheers babes! And thanks for the wonderful card!


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