Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sizzling Sunday

The rain just won't stop these days! It's good for sleeping but it always makes me feel moody. Is it just me or... Anyways... we went to Suntec, Sizzler for dinner! It was the first restaurant that we were hooked to when I was like at age 14?

One of our favorite thing in Sizzler was [drums rolling] CREAM OF MUSHROOM!

This was my Second fav. Cheesy Bread! DAMN NICE.

As for the rest of the food, Erm, I sort of swallowed down everything before someone can take a photo of them... OOPS!

Didn't really shop for anything today. Seriously, I'm crazy! Mood-swinging. Sigh. I'm having depression. :( I looked ugly in photos + Real life. Gonna stop taking pictures for a short while...



  1. NOT UGLY AT ALL LA, CHIO BUXZ IN DA HOUSE YO?! Must have more self-confidence okay? Even though I myself don't have it.. but yeah! Muacks! :D

  2. Can't have it, and won't ever have it! You have self confidence! Just that you don't realise