Sunday, January 16, 2011

Scape Surprise

At Scape

We were suppose to watch "Burlesque" but we end up shopping around. They had some "underground communication" to give me a surprise... I didn't know anything till something went wrong. It's EPIC.!!! [LOL] Anyway, our group always have surprise failure! Which I think is super FUN and FUNNY! Seriously, it's very difficult to have CLASSIC surprise failures like ours!

Hwee Teng. The talkative one!

Melody. The shy one!

Bethany. The outgoing one!

Wenlin. The auntie one!

Doreen. The friendly one!

Only Owner of the camera, which is me, takes PRETTY PHOTOS! SEE! THEY VERY CHIO RIGHT?

CHOCOLATE CAKE. I'm scared of it now. HAHA.

"NAH! Help me EAT!"

I love friends who would automatic take photos for you! I NEED IT. HAHAHA!

Wenlin: "EH! You all got watch the "Hello stranger"? HAHA! The guy took the photo like... THIS!"

These two girls ah... filling my camera with their faces! I'm going to have... NIGHTMARE! :P

YAY! So fun catching up with them! I really hope to see them again! Sorry girls! Have to pangseh you after that... We didn't really do a lot of things that night. :( Sorry! Time is too short when we were together! We should like totally book CHALET. :) Wheeeeeeeee!! Thank you very much for planning a surprise for me! Thanks! :D


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