Monday, January 3, 2011

JB trip

Have you ever been to JB streets? I just did! My brother and Edmund just brought me to this, I call it "CheapCheap Street" to eat Seafood! Fresh and Nice! :) I admit that I'm a bit scared cause there were random people staring at you... ... [shivers]

The CheapCheap Street

Vegetables. Can only be found in Malaysia I think? Never ate this in Singapore before.

In love with Stingray!

Look at this HUGE CRAYFISH. Cheap and fresh! Let's see, if you go Swensens order their Crayfish pasta... BOOM. Money, wasted. Their crayfish is five times smaller than this!

Then, they brought me to this ice-cream shop at city square that tasted like Ben and Jerry! NICE. Sigh... It's a fat fat day for me. To be exact, its the whole 2 weeks of holidays! Damn. Jogging....