Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Celebration with Dearest

It's a pre-celebration with my family for my Birthday! Invited Shiang Ling and Edmund to join us! First Destination, Tampopo! :)

Shiangg bought me the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Spectacles for me! HAHA! So sweet!

Good Food...

She's trying to steal my limelight! :P

I can't finish the Ramen! Too much~

Next Stop, Jewel Box!

Restaurant name: Sapphire.

HAHA! My weird brother! :P

Brother: "EH! Your fringe got window!" [shiangg makes her hair] The final hairstyle! HAHA! SHIANGG! WHERE'S YOUR FACE?

Before jumping...

HA! BAD JUMP SHOT. Jump shot, Unsuccessful!

Pizza! YUMMY.

Hungry ladies!

LOVE THESE CAKES! The sponge was so GOOD!

Even their toilet was so pretty!!

Sucha comfortable toilet. And let me present you of another RARE photo! My grandma smiling! SO CUTE! :)

Love the celebration they planned out for me! It's feels so good when you are with your dear ones. They just make you smile and laugh for the entire time! Especially my brother, he's a joker. Haha! I wanna thank Shiangg, my DEAREST for the wonderful presents you gave! It's BEAUTIFUL and thank you Edmund for coming! Hehehe! :D (will thank again on another post)


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